Crack Repairs

Cracks in masonry can arise for a variety of reasons including ground movements, external pressures (on retaining walls) and wall tie failure. They can manifest themselves as stepped cracks along the mortar joints or in some instances will cut straight through the brick or stone. The most common repair involves embedding stainless steel helical bars in the bed joints, to re-establish the structural integrity. The process generally involves raking out the bed joint to a depth of 5 to 6 cm (approximately two inches) followed by the injection of a
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5 Bar Suretwist Crack Repair Kit - Polyester Resin

Suretwist Polyester Resin Masonry Crack Repair Kit

£53.41 excl. VAT £64.09 incl. VAT

Crack repair kit with Polyester Resin Grout, comprising 5 or 10 Suretwist helical bars (each 1 metre length), tubes of Surebond polyester resin and an Applicator Gun. See More Info below for kit contents. Use drop-down menu alongside to select a 5 or 10 Bar Kit.