Specialist Tools

This section encompasses specialist items such as Safety Wellington Boots, an Airflow Indicator kit and a Joint Clean-out Saw, none of which fit neatly in our primary listings of Dust Control, Brickwork & Masonry, Lifting Tools, Surface Prep or Tiling

ULTRALIGHT Safety Wellington Boot

ULTRALIGHT Safety Wellington Boot

£42.85 excl. VAT £51.42 incl. VAT

Prices lowered - the ULTRALIGHT SAFETY 1st is a revolutionary Wellington Boot, moulded from EVA polymer, with a Steel Toe Cap, an Anti-perforation KELVAR Mid-sole and a Removable/Washable sock-liner. A single boot weighs less than 900 grams - half the weight of most steel toe-capped wellingtons. Long and short styles - see below for sizes and our returns policy. For assistance, call 01794 830 841.

Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator Kit

Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator Boxed Kit

£53.67 excl. VAT £64.40 incl. VAT

REVISED PACKAGING - Dragon Puffer is a safe and convenient method of producing a non-toxic smoke / fog / vapour stream which can be used to trace airflows, draughts and leakages. Fitted with the Pencil Stream Adapter, it delivers a narrow smoke 'stream'. Without the Adapter, it delivers a generous plume. Further details below ...

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Dragon Puffer Fog Fluid Bottle

Dragon Puffer Fog Fluid

£3.95 excl. VAT £4.74 incl. VAT

3 ounce (approximately 90 ml) replacement Fog Fluid bottle. Used with the Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator, it will deliver a non-toxic smoke-like vapour, suitable for investigating airflows, draughts and air leakages. Buy online. More details below ...

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