Specialist Tools

This section encompasses specialist items such as Safety Wellington Boots, an Airflow Indicator kit and a Joint Clean-out Saw, none of which fit neatly in our primary listings of Dust Control, Brickwork & Masonry, Lifting Tools, Surface Prep or Tiling

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SmokPoint (Dragon Puffer) Airflow Indicator

£53.67 excl. VAT £64.40 incl. VAT

REVISED PACKAGING and new name - SmokPoint (previously known as the Dragon Puffer) is a safe and convenient method of producing a non-toxic smoke / fog / vapour stream which can be used to trace airflows, draughts and leakages. Fitted with the Pencil Stream Adapter, it delivers a narrow smoke 'stream'. Without the Adapter, it delivers a generous plume. Further details below ...

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Dragon Puffer Fog Fluid Bottle

SmokPoint (Dragon Puffer) Fog Fluid

£3.95 excl. VAT £4.74 incl. VAT

3 ounce (approximately 90 ml) replacement Fog Fluid bottle. Used with the SmokPoint (previously Dragon Puffer) Airflow Indicator, it will deliver a non-toxic smoke-like vapour, suitable for investigating airflows, draughts and air leakages. Buy online. More details below ...

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Sparkbuster 125 mm Metal Cutting Blade

£14.75 excl. VAT £17.70 incl. VAT

Sparkbuster 125 mm diameter, 32 tooth, TCT blade; 22.23 mm (7/8") bore.
Suitable for Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel - sheet, tube and rod, plus nail-ridden wood.

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EZe Grip Angle Grinder Handle

£9.89 excl. VAT £11.87 incl. VAT

EZe Grip is an improved Angle Grinder control handle for selected 230 mm (9 inch) angle grinders. It is particularly suited to grinding and sanding applications, allowing the user to exert greater pressure on the grinder head without the risk of reducing airflow to the motor. Use the drop-down selector to check availability for your grinder. More details below …

ULTRALIGHT Safety Wellington Boot

ULTRALIGHT Safety Wellington Boot

£42.85 excl. VAT £51.42 incl. VAT

Prices lowered - the ULTRALIGHT SAFETY 1st is a revolutionary Wellington Boot, moulded from EVA polymer, with a Steel Toe Cap, an Anti-perforation KELVAR Mid-sole and a Removable/Washable sock-liner. A single boot weighs less than 900 grams - half the weight of most steel toe-capped wellingtons. Long and short styles - see below for sizes and our returns policy. For assistance, call 01794 830 841.

Shoe In Pro Gripper – Size Medium

Shoe In Pro Overshoe - Gripper

£30.80 excl. VAT £36.96 incl. VAT

Slip-on overshoe with patterned sole suitable for all types of footwear. Will provide additional grip in warehouse, factory or outdoor situations - convenient alternative to footwear change when moving between areas. No straps or buckles, so quick to fit and remove. Can be washed. Three sizes available to buy online. Video and more details below ....

Shoe In Pro 'Flat'

Shoe In Pro Overshoe - Flat

£28.64 excl. VAT £34.37 incl. VAT

Slip-on flat-soled overshoe for use with all forms of footwear. Convenient protection for floor coverings or to avoid marking fresh surfaces. Suitable for tradesmen, surveyors or delivery people who wish to retain their safety shoes but not soil or damage clients' floor coverings. No straps or buckles, so quick to fit and remove. Three sizes. Video and more details below ....

Superflex Dust Extraction Hose - 32 | 38 | 50 mm

£4.58 excl. VAT £5.50 incl. VAT

Superflex wire-reinforced flexible hose for dust extraction applications. Supplied in 32, 38 or 50 mm diameter in 1, 2 and 5 metre lengths - add a note to order if you require lengths combined (max. length 15 metres)

See matching Superflex Hose Cuffs in Related Items at foot of this page.  Superflex Hose Cuffs protect hose ends from fraying, provide connection to appropriately-sized extraction outlets on powertools and act as push-fit connectors between adjacent hose sizes e.g. 32 mm to 38 mm

Superflex Hose Cuff - 32 | 38 | 50 mm

£3.05 excl. VAT £3.66 incl. VAT

Superflex flexible polyurethane screw-on Hose Cuffs ONLY FIT on Superflex Hose - see Related Items at foot of this page.

Hose diameter listed is both the internal size of the cuff and the nominal size of the attaching Superflex hose