SV30 - Small Dust Extractor

SV30 is a traditional design compact dust extractor with motor and filter fitted on top of the collector tank. Suitable for light construction work, it is fitted with a cartridge filter and an associated electro-mechanical shaker. An auto-switching power socket is fitted for support of power tools up to 1100 watt. Commonly used for chasing, low intensity brick raking and a variety of site power tools.

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SV30 Dust Extractor

SV30 M Class Dust Extractor

£471.99 excl. VAT £566.39 incl. VAT

Single motor SV30 M Class Dust Extractor with electric filter shaker, auto-sensing power tool socket and accessories kit. Available as both 110V and 240V. Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details.

SV30 Filter Bag

£2.59 excl. VAT £3.11 incl. VAT

Single use filter bag to SUPPLEMENT (not replace) the M Class cartridge filter. 
See More Info below for further details ...

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MaxVac DV35-MB - M Class Wet & Dry Vacuum

£475.35 excl. VAT £570.42 incl. VAT

DV35-MB is an M Class, single motor vacuum, 110 or 240 volt.
Start-Stop control is via an On-Off rocker switch or through a Power Tool (connected to the Power Take-off).
A simple push-button provides On-demand filter cleaning, even with the motor running; Auto Filter cleaning occurs when the Tool in the Power Take-off socket stops.
A fleece filter bag simplifies handling of the waste materials, whilst also providing an additional level of air filtration. 
See More Info below for further details