Pointing Tools & Repointing Tools for Mortar Raking and Brickwork

We provide dust-free methods of raking or grinding-out brick joints, refilling the joints with cement or lime mortars and compressing or profiling the joint, also referred to as ironing. The work will variously be referred to as Brick Pointing, Tuck Pointing or Repointing.

In the Brick Raking section, you will find brick raking or grinding-out guards and attachments for popular angle grinders. These can be bought on their own, or as part of a package. Our Professional Brick Raking Toolkit includes the angle grinder fitted with the brick raking cowl and a diamond blade, associated service tools and essential personal protective equipment (PPE). The Termite Mortar Rake Pro System is also a 'ready to work' kit, but based upon Mortar Rake components. Our Brick Raking Packages go one step further in adding a suitable Dust Extractor or Vacuum. Diamond Raking Blades and tungsten carbide Termite Mortar Rakes can be purchased separately.

Under the Pointing and Finishing heading, you’ll find the Quikpoint Electric Repointing Gun for refilling brick or mortar joints. There is also the Pointmaster joint compression or ironing tool. For repointing or grouting large areas of paving, you’ll find the Quikpave Paving Jointer, essentially an upright version of the Quikpoint Mortar Gun.

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