Brick Raking Cowls

We offer two products for depth-controlled dust-free or dustless raking and grinding of old mortar joints, available to buy online. The C-Tec cutting & raking cowl is best for intensive raking and grinding, using 125 mm (5 inch) angle grinders and 115 mm (4.5 inch) or 125 mm (5 inch) diamond raking blades, available in various widths up to 10 mm. For less arduous work, the Cyclone dust-free or dustless grinding, chasing and raking cowl is suitable for a wide range of 115 mm and 125 mm angle grinders and will accept diamond raking blades in

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125mm C-Tec Cutting Cowl

125 mm Cutting, Chasing & Brick Raking Cowl

£95.46 excl. VAT £114.55 incl. VAT

125 mm (5") C-Tec dust-free angle grinder guard for diamond cutting, chasing and raking on specific angle grinders. Accepts 115 mm and 125 mm diamond blades up to 10 mm thick. Fits specific 115 mm & 125 mm Makita, Hitachi, Bosch and Hilti angle grinders - see tabs Which grinders will fit and Downloads and note special instructions for installation on the Hilti DCG 125 grinder. Choose required model from the drop-down menu to buy online or contact us for advice.

Cyclone Cowl

Cyclone Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing Cowl

£59.00 excl. VAT £70.80 incl. VAT

Dust free cutting, chasing and raking cowl for selected 115 mm & 125 mm angle grinders. Will accept diamond cutting and raking blades to 125 mm diameter and 10 mm width. Semi-transparent body and depth settings on metal base plate. 34 mm dust outlet. See More INFO below for further detail ....

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