Cover Lifting

Sunrise Tools provides magnetic manhole cover lifters, key-based manhole lifters, gully opening tools and vacuum and chain lifting accessories for specialised cover lifting applications, all available for on-line purchasing. Within this range, we can lift all forms of metallic manhole and drain cover, including cast and ductile iron, as well as most types of non-metallic cover.

Manually handling heavy access covers using handheld manhole lifting keys and hooks is inadvisable and unnecessary. The Manhole Buddy MagTec magnetic cover lifter is fast and effective on all forms of metallic drain cover and entirely safe for lone worker

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Drain Buddy Gully Opener

Drain Buddy Gully Opener

£207.00 excl. VAT £248.40 incl. VAT

Drain Buddy Gully Opener is a foot and hand-operated tool for unseating and opening stubborn slatted drain covers, storm gratings and gully covers. Allows user to bring their full weight to bear for unseating the gully, grating or cover, whereupon it can be hinged open more easily, using the extendable handle. Available to buy online, with or without a carry-bag.

MagTec Lifting Set

MagTec Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifting Set

£942.29 excl. VAT £1,130.75 incl. VAT

Manhole Buddy magnetic cover lifting system, with alloy or heavy duty steel trolley, for one-person cover lifting - buy online here. Magnetic cover lifting is fast as there is no need to clean the cover slots. The lifting trolleys have a unique fast cover unseating facility which also speeds the process. Steel system certified to 150 kg; alloy system to 125 kg. Video and more details below ....

Robotron - Upright

Robotron Handheld Magnetic Drain Opener

£349.00 excl. VAT £418.80 incl. VAT

Clearance Offer on new unused items - Magnetically attached device for medium-duty, ferrous covers and gratings. Has a high leverage unseating facility for stubborn items and a sliding fulcrum for maximum leverage.

KeyTec Lifting Set

KeyTec key based Manhole Cover Lifting Set

£897.86 excl. VAT £1,077.43 incl. VAT

Manhole Buddy KeyTec, key-attached drain cover lifting system, for metallic and non-metallic covers, available to buy online. Supplied with either a lightweight alloy or heavy duty steel lifting trolley, having an in-built cover unseating facility. Will service all cover types with common key slots or indoor covers with threaded inserts. Ideal for lone worker use. Video and more details below ...

KeyTec Lifting Set

KeyTec Economy Manhole Cover Lifting Set

£674.86 excl. VAT £809.83 incl. VAT

Manhole Buddy KeyTec, minimum specification drain cover lifting system. Suitable for all covers with regular key slots or threaded inserts. Ideal for lone worker use. 
Set comprises Lifting Trolley (choose heavy duty Steel or lightweight Alloy) and a KeyTec Spreader Bar Kit with carrybag.
NO LIFTING KEYS provided with this set - Manhole Buddy Lifting Keys can be purchased as required, either individual pairs or the complete set (3 pairs).
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Best of Both Lifting Set

Best of Both Manhole Cover Lifting Set

£1,449.00 excl. VAT £1,738.80 incl. VAT

Dual function manhole and drain cover lifting system for single person or lone worker use on metallic, non-metallic and split covers, available to buy online. The package contains both the magnetic and key-attached Manhole Buddy cover attachments and a choice of Steel or Alloy lifting trolley, certified to 150 kg or 125 kg respectively. More details and video summary below ...

ChainTec Lifting Attachment

ChainTec Lifting Attachment

£195.00 excl. VAT £234.00 incl. VAT

Chain-based lifting attachment for use with Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley. It has four adjustable chain legs, each with a forged lifting hook. Certified to lift up to 150 kg using a Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley.

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MagTec Lifting Magnet

MagTec Lifting Magnet

£594.43 excl. VAT £713.32 incl. VAT

A permanent lifting magnet, requiring no power or recharging, with On-Off control lever and safety interlock button. For use with metallic drain covers when fitted to a Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley.

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KeyTec Speader Bar Kit

KeyTec Speader Bar Kit

£327.00 excl. VAT £392.40 incl. VAT

Comprises the KeyTec Folding Spreader Bar, the High-Leverage Lifting Hook and the KeyTec equipment carry bag. For use with Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley.

Lifting keys NOT included. See Accessories for Lifting Key options.

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