SparkBuster - Spark-free Metal Cutting Tools

Sparkbuster is a polycarboante-bodied safety guard, suitable for fitment to selected 115 mm and 125 mm angle grinders. Most notably, it features a spring-operated retractable blade cover, which provides maximum blade coverage during operations; this facility is considered a necessity in certain environments and jurisdictions, when toothed cutting blades are in use. Sparkbuster also has a broad steel base plate which provides a firm working platform and promotes square cuts; an optional dust extraction outlet is available and can be retro-fitted if required.

As the name suggests, Sparkbuster, when fitted with a toothed cutting blade, is a substantially spark-free metal cutting method. Unlike traditional thin carborundum cutting disks, the toothed blade is unlikely to shatter and the sparks and hot debris created are substantially suppressed by the all-enveloping cowl.

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Sparkbuster 125 mm Metal Cutting Blade

£9.95 excl. VAT £11.94 incl. VAT

Sparkbuster 125 mm diameter, 32 tooth, TCT blade; 22.23 mm (7/8") bore.
Suitable for Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel - sheet, tube and rod, plus nail-ridden wood.

IMPORTANT !! This blade must NOT be used unguarded. 
When using this blade on a 125 mm angle grinder, a Safety Guard (Cowl) such as our Sparkbuster product must be fitted. See More Info below ..

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Ecoguard SparkBuster on Makita grinder with 125 mm metal-cutting blade

£139.91 excl. VAT £167.89 incl. VAT

SparkBuster safety cutting guard fitted to Makita 9558NB angle grinder with Sunrise 125 mm toothed metal-cutting blade installed. Safe alternative to unguarded metal cutting with blade or carborundum disk. Substantial spark retention and suppression of hot debris. Choose grinder voltage from drop-down menu alongside.

Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner

£19.39 excl. VAT £23.27 incl. VAT

Tuff Key 4-pin flange nut spanner available to buy online. Provides more secure connection and better reach than standard issue flat angle grinder spanners. Ideal for securing depressed centre diamond cup disks and for use with C-Tec Cutting and G-Tec Grinding cowls. Suitable for use with standard angle grinder flange nuts as well as custom flange nut sets provided with Sunrise Tools products (disk and flange nut in images NOT included)

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