Quickpoint PLUS Electric Mortar Pointing / Repointing Gun

Available as an attachment or an assembled system, the drill-driven Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun will deliver cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or bagged, in a controlled and consistent manner. Compared to hand-operated skeleton guns, also known as mastic guns and grout guns, the Quikpoint process will usually be many times faster and more likely to achieve full joint filling. Time taken to load or charge the Quikpoint mortar hopper is significantly less than with mastic guns and the Quikpoint mortar gun requires none of the repetitive physical effort required with handheld mastic guns, which have the potential to cause long-lasting repetitive strain injuries (RSI) of the wrist and forearm. With properly mixed mortars, mix separation and clogging will not occur with the Quikpoint repointing system. The original Quikpoint pointing mortar gun was created over 25 years ago and thousands have been manufactured and distributed worldwide. This is a well-proven product, with full spares and consumables back-up available to buy online from Sunrise Tools and Equipment

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Interactive Quikpoint Spares Document
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