Termite Mortar Raking for Brickwork and Stonework

We offer two solutions for mortar joint removal - Diamond Blades or the Mortar Rakes. Raking out with Diamond Blades is generally faster across most mortar types. But it is difficult to achieve satisfactory depth on the Perps (vertical joint) using a diamond blade and there is a risk of damage to the brick faces immediately above and below the Perp. Using a Mortar Rake is a much safer removal method on the Perps and the only way of clearing irregular or non-linear joints, as would be found on natural stonework. Generally speaking, the potential for

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Termite Mortar Rake Attachment only

Termite Mortar Raking - Grinder Attachment

£36.22 excl. VAT £43.46 incl. VAT

Superior design Mortar Raking attachment for small angle grinders combining dust and depth control functions. Long-life stainless steel base-plate with sighting guides. 'Always open' extraction port with ‘keyhole’ extension for enhanced dust control. Supplied with five colour-coded spacer rings, matched to popular brands of 115 and 125 mm grinders. See detailed information below …

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Termite Mortar Rake Starter Kit

Termite Mortar Raking - Starter Kit

£50.27 excl. VAT £60.32 incl. VAT

Superior design Mortar Raking Starter Kit for small angle grinders complete with two mortar rakes. Raking attachment combines dust and depth control functions with 'always open' extraction port and 'keyhole' extension for enhanced joint cleaning. Long life stainless steel base-plate with beveled edges and sighting guides.  Supplied with five colour-coded spacer rings, matched to popular brands of 115 and 125 mm angle grinders. See detailed information below ….

Termite Mortar Rake

Termite Mortar Rake

£7.97 excl. VAT £9.56 incl. VAT

These European-manufactured tungsten carbide mortar rakes fit directly to the M14 spindle on 115 and 125 mm angle grinders. This item is 26 mm long. Various combinations of diameter (6, 8, 10 or 12 mm) and cutter count (3, 4 or 6) are available - check availability using drop-down selector alongside. See advice on care and use below ...

Termite XL Mortar Rake

Termite XL Mortar Rake

£27.87 excl. VAT £33.44 incl. VAT

60 mm long three cutter tungsten carbide rakes for deep mortar joints. Available in 8, 10 and 12 mm diameter. M14 internal thread for fitment to 115 and 125 mm angle grinders. See advice on use below …

Termite Mortar Rake Pro System

Termite Brick Raking Toolkit (Mortar Rake)

£159.88 excl. VAT £191.86 incl. VAT

Mortar Raking equipment set containing Termite Mortar Rake attachment fitted to 125 mm Makita angle grinder, along with 8 and 10 mm diameter Termite mortar rakes and service tools. All contained in a lockable toolbox. Choose 110 or 240 volt in drop-down menu. See below for contents list …

Termite Wall Chaser Rake

£21.15 excl. VAT £25.38 incl. VAT

22 mm diameter, in 26 and 60 mm lengths, the Termite Wall Chaser Rake, for angle grinders with M14 spindles, is suitable for use in aerated concrete - it is NOT suitable for use in traditional brick, block or concrete structures. Constructed with 6 tungsten carbide cutting strips, it is generally used for creating channels for cabling, plumbing and similar service inserts. For both depth and dust control, it is best used with the Termite Grinder Attachment - more details below.

Termite XXL Mortar Rake

£39.06 excl. VAT £46.87 incl. VAT

120 mm overall length tungsten carbide mortar rake in 8 and 10 mm diameters, with three 60 mm long cutting edges.
M14 internal thread for fitment to 115 and 125 mm angle grinders.
Suitable for removal of complete bricks BUT MUST BE USED WITH CARE - see further advice on use below …

Best of Both Brick Raking Toolkit

£446.80 excl. VAT £536.16 incl. VAT

Ready-to-work boxed kit for high intensity brick raking. Contains angle grinder fitted with dust extraction cowl and diamond raking blade, for dust-free raking of bed joints. Plus a second grinder fitted with the Termite dust-control attachment and associated mortar rake for safe full-depth raking of the perps. All housed in a single lockable toolbox* with essential PPE. Select 110 or 240 volt from drop-down menu.

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