Concrete Surface Preparation Tools

Our surface preparation equipment and consumables address the requirement for removing paints and coatings, along with the leveling, smoothing, and keying of concrete surfaces.

We provide a wide range of diamond grinding systems, in the form of 

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FTR410 Multi-Prep

FTR410 Multi-Prep

£1,274.13 excl. VAT £1,528.96 incl. VAT

Multi-purpose surface preparation, maintenance and cleaning machine. Single phase electrics. Low rotation speed. Best used with silicon carbide or tungsten ‘chip’ sanding disks. Sometimes used with bolt-on diamond segments for smoothing newly-laid screeds.



£20.80 excl. VAT £24.96 incl. VAT

Tapered mixer drill paddle - 120 mm M14 threaded mixing paddle for viscous materials

Core EZe Diamond Drilling System

£2,995.00 excl. VAT £3,594.00 incl. VAT

Unique on-axis core drilling system with guaranteed core retention for holes from 75 to 250 mm (3" to 10") dia. and up to 250 mm (10") deep. System secured by a SINGLE anchor bolt drilled into the CENTRE of the cored area, thereby sparing the surrounding areas of damage. Uses widely available Golz 3 bolt pattern core bits. Permits horizontal, vertical and angled drilling in situations inaccessible to traditional pillar rigs.

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125mm G-Tec Grinding System

125 mm G-Tec Grinding System with disk

£246.36 excl. VAT £295.63 incl. VAT

125 mm Hitachi angle grinder (1040 watt - 110 or 240 volt) with G-Tec dust-free grinding and sanding cowl, turbo diamond grinding disk and service tools - buy online. G-Tec cowl comprises moulded polyurethane shroud (replaceable) and 38/50 mm hose connector. Configured for diamond cup disks. With our Flexipad Adapter, may be suitable for flat sanding disks and pads. More details below.

Alpha Concrete Floor Grinder with Drive Plate & Diamond Disk

Alpha Concrete Floor Grinder

£1,099.00 excl. VAT £1,318.80 incl. VAT

Highly portable single-head grinder, equipped with 2 HP electric motor and a 230 mm diamond carrier/drive plate. Suitable for use in confined spaces. Single-phase electrics, 110 V or 240 V. Used for general surface preparation and maintenance tasks.



£23.77 excl. VAT £28.52 incl. VAT

Tapered mixer drill paddle - 140 mm M14 threaded mixing paddle for viscous materials

Core EZe Angle Drilling Support

£109.00 excl. VAT £130.80 incl. VAT

This accessories supports the Guide Bar at the chosen working angle. Please note it is not an angle drilling guide - the user drills and inserts the anchor in the concrete prior to the introduction of this device.

180mm G-Tec Grinding System

180 mm G-Tec Grinding System with disk

£249.23 excl. VAT £299.08 incl. VAT

Hitachi angle grinder fitted with G-Tec dust-free grinding and sanding cowl and 180 mm turbo diamond grinding cup disk; Tuff Key flange spanner included - buy online. Grinder in 110 or 240 volt, 2000 or 2300 watt. G-Tec cowl accepts 38 and 50 mm extractor hose; polyurethane shroud can be replaced when worn. With our Flexipad Adapter, suitable for flat sanding disks. More details below ...