Concrete Surface Preparation Tools

Our surface preparation equipment and consumables address the requirement for removing paints and coatings, along with the leveling, smoothing, and keying of concrete surfaces.

We provide a wide range of diamond grinding systems, in the form of small area handheld systems or walk-behind equipment for larger or more demanding applications. All equipment is configured for dust-free grinding and supported by suitable dust extractors, industrial vacuums and waste collection systems. A wide range of diamond disks, grinding segments and other consumables are available from stock.

We offer planing machines (sometimes called scabblers) for reducing screed heights, texturing concrete and grooving surfaces to improve slip resistance and drainage. Available on enquiry is a wide range of consumables for planers and scabblers, including TCT cutters, flail shafts and complete cutters drums for various manufacturers' machines. We can provide other specialist surface prep equipment, such as shot-blasters, floor strippers and bush hammering accessories. As before, appropriate extraction equipment is available to ensure such operations are as free of dust as is possible.

For follow-on tasks, we supply single phase and three phase Forced Action Mixers as well as Mixer Paddles for use with handheld mixer drills. 

We provide a variety of products and consumables for concrete surface preparation.

Handheld surface prep systems are used for small areas of work or difficult to access locations. Variants are available for dust-free concrete cutting and joint cleaning in blade sizes from 125 mm to 230 mm. Handheld grinding systems can finish edges and corners inaccessible to larger machines.

Walk-behind diamond grinders create smooth flat surfaces and can be used for spot-levelling of uneven surfaces. This work generally precedes the application of coatings or coverings although polished concrete finishes are increasingly being deployed in commercial and residential situations.

Planers, also known as scabblers, use multi-tooth 'flail' cutters to abrade or groove surfaces, for increased slip resistance. More powerful models are capable of removing hard coatings and significant screed depths. Custom configurations using planning discs are available for creating precisely dimensioned channels with consistent surface finish.

Shot-blasting is most commonly used to remove coatings or surface contaminants and to key concrete for subsequent processes. As the blasting action follows the natural contours of the surface, it can not be used to level uneven floors or remove spot heights.

Vinyl, carpet, wood flooring, bitumen, elastomeric coatings and some screed systems can be removed using a floor stripper. These range from simple walk-behind devices to large ride-on machines.

Since most of these processes involve forced material removal, dust and waste will be created. Dust control and effective waste collection are essential elements of these works and the machines used to undertake it.