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125 mm Professional Brick Raking Toolkit

Ready-to-work boxed kit for high intensity brick raking and grinding, containing angle grinder fitted with dust extraction cowl, 125 mm x 6 mm diamond raking blade, plus essential PPE to get you started. To buy online, select 110 or 240 volt from drop-down menu. Video and more details below ...

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Professional Brick Raking Toolkit
Ready-to-work boxed kit for high intensity brick raking and grinding-out.

£ 270.75 (excl. VAT)£ 324.90 (inc. VAT)

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  • Hitachi G13 Se 125 mm angle grinder (1040 watt; 110 or 240 volt)
  • 125 mm C-Tec brick raking cowl (fitted to above)
  • 125 mm x 6 mm diamond raking blade (fitted to above)
  • Tuff Key flange spanner and Allen key
  • Economy safety glasses and gloves
  • 0.25 mm x 32 mm connecting hose
  • Lockable toolbox

This assembled system, supplied in a lockable toolbox with essential PPE items, allows the user to start work within minutes of delivery. A short length of 32 mm hose is provided for connection to the dust extractor hose (if extractor is not a Sunrise Tools item). Appropriate power supply (110 or 240 volt) will be required.

Extracting dust at source is the most efficient means to creating a dust-free environment. The C-Tec brick raking cowl is a proven element in its own right, providing highly effective dust control when coupled to an appropriate dust extractor. It also provides smooth working and consistent depth control through its adjustable stainless steel base plate (skid). The 1040 watt Hitachi 125 mm grinder is suitable for use with blade thicknesses uo to 10 mm in most mortars; where possible, we offer angle grinders fitted with a 'paddle switch' (as opposed to a lock-on slider) so that in the event of the tool being dropped, the blade will come to a stop quickly. To maintain productivity, it is important to use best quality replacement diamond raking blades.

SV50e is the most appropriate dust extractor available from Sunrise Tools to match the performance of this Professional Brick Raking boxed set. This combination is offered as the Professional Brick Raking Package and in this form, represents a small cost saving as compared to buying the elements eparately.