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Sunrise Tools provide specialist equipment for construction, maintenance and service trades. Amongst our offerings are drain cover lifters, dust-free systems for everyday construction tasks and numerous attachments which transform the function of angle grinders and drills. "I've been looking for something like this for ages" is a regular comment from callers and reflects the specialist nature of what we provide. So, if you have a problem that needs solving, call or email us – we may be able to help. 

Our Dust Control attachments for angle grinders transform the basic power tool into an efficient system for dust free cutting, raking, chasing or grinding in concrete or mortars. The Electric Repointing guns remove the repetitive physical element of repointing and greatly improve productivity. Manhole Buddy introduced the concept of no-keys cover lifting through use of a compact industrial magnet. Surface Prep machines and consumables have been the bedrock of the business from the outset and dust-free operation has always been an inherent aspect of our offerings.

If what’s on display isn’t quite what you’re looking for, please call us on 01794 830 841 or use the Contact Us page to detail your requirements. We are happy to share the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years, and also welcome your questions, comments and suggestions as a means of keeping up-to-date with what is happening ‘on the ground’.

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Termite Mortar Rake Starter Kit

Termite Mortar Raking - Starter Kit

£50.27 excl. VAT £60.32 incl. VAT

Superior design Mortar Raking Starter Kit for small angle grinders complete with two mortar rakes. Raking attachment combines dust and depth control functions with 'always open' extraction port and 'keyhole' extension for enhanced joint cleaning. Long life stainless steel base-plate with beveled edges and sighting guides.  Supplied with five colour-coded spacer rings, matched to popular brands of 115 and 125 mm angle grinders. See detailed information below ….

Cyclone Cowl

Cyclone Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing Cowl

£63.10 excl. VAT £75.72 incl. VAT

Dust free cutting, chasing and raking cowl for selected 115 mm & 125 mm angle grinders. Will accept diamond cutting and raking blades to 125 mm diameter and 10 mm width. Semi-transparent body and depth settings on metal base plate. 34 mm dust outlet. See More INFO below for further detail ....

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Quikpoint Pointing Attachment (No Drill)

Quikpoint PLUS - Mortar Pointing Attachment

£243.19 excl. VAT £291.83 incl. VAT

Improved Quikpoint PLUS drill attachment (with Hardened Auger) for effortless brick and stone joint filling with self-mixed or bagged mortars, cement or lime. Fits wide range of drills. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit and mortar scoop.  All consumables and spares stocked. Buy online here. Video and more details of PLUS upgrade below.

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EZe Iron Bucket Handle Pointing Tool - Revised

£34.78 excl. VAT £41.74 incl. VAT

Now cast in 420 grade stainless steel - estimated 5 times longer life than previous version. The curvature of the head is the same from all angles so the EZe Iron delivers a consistent joint profile regardless of joint width or the angle at which the tool is held. The substantial moulded handle makes for comfortable working, whether used with a gloved or bare hand.

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KeyTec Lifting Set

KeyTec Economy Manhole Cover Lifting Set

£795.00 excl. VAT £954.00 incl. VAT

Manhole Buddy KeyTec, minimum specification drain cover lifting system. Suitable for all covers with regular key slots or threaded inserts. Ideal for lone worker use. 
Set comprises the Steel Lifting Trolley, the KeyTec Spreader Bar Kit with carry bag and one pair of Lifting Keys (35 mm T-blade) – use drop-down menu to select an alternative key type.

Click here to view and purchase additional Lifting Keys

ATR Tile Leveller & Spacer - Mixed Packs

£49.98 excl. VAT £59.98 incl. VAT

Revised contents - mixed pack comprising Edge plates, Spindles and a Socket Bit plus a choice of Cross or 'T' spacing plates. Using the drop-down selectors, choose:

  • Surface - Universal (Wall and Floor) or Floor Only
  • Pattern - Cross or 'T' Spacing
  • Size - 2 or 3 mm grout width 

See More info below for quantities in each pack

SmokPoint (Dragon Puffer) Airflow Indicator

£53.67 excl. VAT £64.40 incl. VAT

REVISED PACKAGING and new name - SmokPoint (previously known as the Dragon Puffer) is a safe and convenient method of producing a non-toxic smoke / fog / vapour stream which can be used to trace airflows, draughts and leakages. Fitted with the Pencil Stream Adapter, it delivers a narrow smoke 'stream'. Without the Adapter, it delivers a generous plume. Further details below ...

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Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing Dust Extraction Cowl

Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing Dust Extraction Cowl

£98.00 excl. VAT £117.60 incl. VAT

230 mm Cutting and Chasing Dust Control Cowl for popular angle grinders using single 180 or 230 mm Diamond Cutting Blades. Positive depth control in 5 mm steps to maximum 60 mm (230 mm blade). Sight guide and stabilizing frame (with rollers) for smooth and accurate cutting. For further detail, see More Info and Which Grinders Will Fit below 

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Best of Both Brick Raking Toolkit

£456.86 excl. VAT £548.23 incl. VAT

Ready-to-work boxed kit for high intensity brick raking. Contains angle grinder fitted with dust extraction cowl and diamond raking blade, for dust-free raking of bed joints. Plus a second grinder fitted with the Termite dust-control attachment and associated mortar rake for safe full-depth raking of the perps. All housed in a single lockable toolbox* with essential PPE. Select 110 or 240 volt from drop-down menu.

*Substitute toolbox details below

See more info below for further details

Quikpoint EZe Clean Mortar Remover

£13.31 excl. VAT £15.97 incl. VAT

New product - EZe Clean is a non-toxic biodegradable spray-on cement and mortar remover. Effective within 30 minutes of application it can simply be sprayed clean with water. Effective for up to 12 hours (so can be left overnight) multiple applications and some removal by scraping will speed the removal process on heavily compacted deposits. Supplied in 1 litre bottle with both sealing cap and spray applicator. Further details below …

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Quikpoint PLUS - Cordless Mortar Pointing - DeWalt

£359.11 excl. VAT £430.93 incl. VAT

Cordless Mortar Pointing using Quikpoint PLUS and DeWalt DCD996 3 speed cordless drill, with custom-designed clamping bracket - buy with or without batteries and charger. 

Quikpoint is a proven system for effortless repointing and grouting, with cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or bagged. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit, mortar scoop and FREE CARRY BAG.

More detail below ..

Quikpoint PLUS - Cordless Mortar Pointing - Makita

£339.81 excl. VAT £407.77 incl. VAT

Cordless Mortar Pointing using Quikpoint PLUS and Makita 18 volt DHP458Z 2 speed drill, with custom-designed clamping bracket - buy with or without batteries and charger. 

Quikpoint is a proven system for effortless repointing and grouting, with cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or bagged. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit, mortar scoop and for limited period, FREE CARRY BAG.

More detail below ...

SparkBuster Cutting Guard

SparkBuster Cutting Guard (for metal cutting)

£59.85 excl. VAT £71.82 incl. VAT

Angle grinder safety cutting guard with sprung blade cover and optional extractor port, for selected 115mm & 125mm angle grinders. Safer alternative to unguarded metal cutting disks. Provides substantial spark retention and substantial suppression of hot debris from the work-piece

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Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing System

£234.80 excl. VAT £281.76 incl. VAT

230 mm dust-free Cutting and Chasing system. Has positive depth control in 5 mm steps to maximum 60 mm (230 mm blade) plus sight guides and a stabilizing frame (with rollers) for smooth and accurate cutting. Using the drop-down selectors, choose blade size (180 or 230 mm) voltage (110 or 240 volt) and grinder power (ST-2000 watt or SC3-2300 watt). See More Info below for further details including extraction hose options

NEW Pointmaster Packaged Set

£54.47 excl. VAT £65.36 incl. VAT

Pointmaster packaged set with Wheeled Tool, raking studs and one off each iron / profile (four in total). Revised Wheeled Tool (2019) with new double-ended Raking Stud (5 & 8 mm widths) for fresh mortars. All Compression Irons fit both new and old wheeled tools.

Due to manufacturing issues, the 14 mm width forged Weatherstruck Iron shown in the package picture below has been replaced with a machined 10 mm wide item - two images of this item below.

See More Info for further details ...

Termite Wall Chaser Rake

£21.15 excl. VAT £25.38 incl. VAT

22 mm diameter, in 26 and 60 mm lengths, the Termite Wall Chaser Rake, for angle grinders with M14 spindles, is suitable for use in aerated concrete - it is NOT suitable for use in traditional brick, block or concrete structures. Constructed with 6 tungsten carbide cutting strips, it is generally used for creating channels for cabling, plumbing and similar service inserts. For both depth and dust control, it is best used with the Termite Grinder Attachment - more details below.


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"We’ve used the kit non-stop since delivery, raker and vacuum were awesome from the off, the mortar gun personally I didn’t have any issues some of the lads struggled but it was a mixture of them not mixing the mortar long enough and the hopper slightly tilting forward stopping the rod vibrating, but as soon as it was pointed out to them they soon got the hang of it, also they weren’t moving the gun in time with the rate the mortar was coming out but once again with the guidance they are now getting along with it perfectly. We are 100% happy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others."

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