Specialist Builders Tools, Construction & Property Maintenance Tools

"Sunrise Tools & Equipment provide specialist products for construction, maintenance, building management and service trades. Amongst our offerings are drain cover lifters, dust-free systems for everyday construction tasks and numerous attachments which transform the function of angle grinders and drills. "I've been looking for something like this for ages" is a regular comment from callers and reflects the specialist nature of what we provide. So, if you have a problem that needs solving, call or email us – we may be able to help."

Specialist products for construction, maintenance, building management and service trades

Our Dust Control attachments for angle grinders transform the basic power tool into an efficient system for dust free cutting, raking, chasing or grinding in concrete or mortars. The Electric Repointing guns remove the repetitive physical element of repointing and greatly improve productivity. Manhole Buddy introduced the concept of no-keys cover lifting through use of a compact industrial magnet. Surface Prep machines and consumables have been the bedrock of the business from the outset and dust-free operation has always been an inherent aspect of our offerings.

If what’s on display isn’t quite what you’re looking for, please call us on 01794 830 841 or use the Contact Us page to detail your requirements. We are happy to share the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years, and also welcome your questions, comments and suggestions as a means of keeping up-to-date with what is happening ‘on the ground’.