Jointmaster EZe Iron - Mortar Joint Finishing

Jointmaster EZe Iron pointing irons, also known as tooling or compression irons, help the bricklayer to create strong and durable mortar joints of consistent quality and cosmetic appearance. The EZE Iron Wheeled Tool can be used in conjunction with the Raking Stud to prepare space for a pointing mortar, before the introduction of the Finishing Iron; alternatively, the Finishing Iron can be deployed directly to compress and profile the new-built joint. Four joint profiles are available - Recessed Joints of 8 mm and 10 mm width; Weatherstruck Joints; Bucket Handle Joints. With the wheels fitted, the system
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REVISED Jointmaster EZe Iron - Packaged Set

£39.95 excl. VAT £47.94 incl. VAT

Jointmaster EZe Iron packaged set with Wheeled Tool, raking studs and one of each iron / profile (four in total). Includes double-ended Raking Stud (5 & 8 mm widths) for raking fresh mortars. Replacement irons can be bought individually from other pages on this website

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REVISED Jointmaster EZe Iron - Wheeled Tool

£19.99 excl. VAT £23.99 incl. VAT

Wheeled Tool that accepts raking studs and finishing profiles to provide compressed, shaped and sealed mortar joints.

The EZe Iron Wheeled Tool uses a longer Raking Stud of which both ends (5 and 8 mm) can be used. The original Compression Irons - Recessed (8 or 10 mm) Bucket Handle or Weatherstruck- still fit and are purchased separately. A single Raking Stud is provided with the tool - additional Raking Studs can be purchased in packs of 10. More info below ...

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Jointmaster EZe Iron - Pack of 10 Raking Studs

£4.44 excl. VAT £5.33 incl. VAT

Pack of 10 Raking Studs for use with Jointmaster EZe Iron Wheeled Tool.

This item was updated for 2019. It is now significantly longer than the original raking stud. Either end of the Raking Stud (5 or 8 mm diameter) can be used to rake the joint. If used with an earlier Jointmaster Tool, the Raking Stud may need to be shortened. See more info below.

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EZe Iron Bucket Handle Pointing Tool - 316 Grade Stainless

£14.92 excl. VAT £17.90 incl. VAT

BIG PRICE REDUCTION - item cast in 316 grade (salt-resistant) stainless steel. The curvature of the head is the same from all angles so the EZe Iron delivers a consistent joint profile regardless of joint width or the angle at which the tool is held. The moulded handle makes for comfortable working, whether used with a gloved or bare hand.

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