Gully Opener

Drain Buddy Gully Opener is used to unseat and open hinged gully gratings and slatted drain covers. Its unseating or 'breakout' capability can also be used on non-hinged gratings and covers. The operator is able to apply their full weight for unseating the grating, by standing on the body of the tool. When loose, the telescopic handle is extended to provide a long lever for easy rotation of the cover into the open position.

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Drain Buddy Gully Opener

Drain Buddy Gully Opener

£211.34 excl. VAT £253.61 incl. VAT

Drain Buddy Gully Opener is a foot and hand-operated tool for unseating and opening stubborn slatted drain covers, storm gratings and gully covers. Allows user to bring their full weight to bear for unseating the gully grating or cover, whereupon it can be hinged open more easily, using the extendable handle. 
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