Grinding & Sanding Guards

We offer a variety of dust-control, dust-free or dustless grinding and sanding cowls to fit popular angle grinders, all designed to contain and extract dust at the point it is created, all available to buy online.

Our G-Tec dust-free products have been produced for almost 20 years and continue to be our best-selling option. Available in two sizes for disks up to 180 mm diameter, they are configured for selected 125, 180 and 230 mm angle grinders. They are generally used with diamond 'cup' grinding disks, but with our Flexipad adapter, they are also suitable for a wide range of flat disks or backing pads.

The G-Tec Allfit dustless products are of similar construction, but provided with a variety of adapter rings, permitting them to be fitted to a number of popular brands of 180 and 230 mm angle grinders. A version is available with a hinged 'flip front' which allows grinding and sanding to take place up to the edge of an obstruction. Suitable for use with 180 mm diamond 'cup' disks or by using our Flexipad adapter, with flat format disks and backing pads.

The Hurricane dust-free grinding and sanding cowl is designed for disk sizes up to 125 mm and is supplied with a number of fitment kits, for selected angle grinder brands. Suitable for diamond 'cup' disks and using a suitable adapter, flatter format disks and pads. Has replaceable brush edging for containment of dust and a selection of clip-on guides to permit dustless edging work.

Dust Muzzle is a low cost universal grinding and sanding cowl, supplied in two sizes, suitable for disks up to 125 mm, or 180 mm. The grinder mounting collar can be trimmed by the user to suit the disk being used; packing bands are used to achieve the best fit on the attached angle grinder.

Relevant Diamond Grinding Disks, adapters and our Tuff Key custom flange nut spanner can also be purchased online.

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