Brick Raking

We provide essential safety equipment to ensure high intensity brick raking can be undertaken free of dust. This includes dustless and dust-free brick raking guards and cowls, professional dust extractors and construction specification vacuums, pre-separators and waste collection systems, diamond raking blades and tungsten carbide mortar rakes in various diameters and widths. All of these items can be purchased individually online.

We also supply ready-to-work raking and repointing packages, such as our Professional Brick Raking Package and the Professional Brick Raking and Pointing Package, which additionally includes the Quikpoint Mortar Pointing System. Sunrise Tools are the primary European Distributor for the Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun and the Quikpave Lightning Grouter; we hold a full spares inventory for all Quikpoint products. All of our Brick Raking and Repointing equipment can be purchased online.

For specialist brickwork maintenance, we supply the Arbortech Allsaw plunge cutting system and stock Arbortech Allsaw replacement blades.  

When raking and grinding out mortar joints, removing dust at source creates a healthier and safer working environment, greatly reduces clean-up costs and minimises disruption and inconvenience for adjacent trades or the local population. It also extends power tool life by minimising the ingestion of dust, which will otherwise damage motors and switches.