Brick Raking

We provide essential safety equipment to ensure high intensity brick raking can be undertaken free of dust. This includes dustless and dust-free brick raking guards and cowls, professional dust extractors and construction specification vacuums, pre-separators and waste collection systems, diamond raking blades and tungsten carbide mortar rakes in various diameters

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Termite Mortar Rake Attachment only

Termite Mortar Raking - Grinder Attachment

£36.93 excl. VAT £44.32 incl. VAT

Superior design Mortar Raking attachment for small angle grinders combining dust and depth control functions. Long-life stainless steel base-plate with sighting guides. 'Always open' extraction port with ‘keyhole’ extension for enhanced dust control. Supplied with five colour-coded spacer rings, matched to popular brands of 115 and 125 mm grinders. See detailed information below …

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NEW Arbortech AS175 Masonry Saw

£1,132.00 excl. VAT £1,358.40 incl. VAT

Updated (mid 2019) Arbortech AS175 low dust reciprocal action saw, for chasing, plunge cutting and restoration works. Delivered in a custom holdall with General Purpose and Mortar Plunge blade pairs. Available to buy online - select 110 volt or 240 volt from drop-down menu below.

See More Info below for fuller specification ...

125mm C-Tec Cutting Cowl

125 mm Cutting, Chasing & Brick Raking Cowl

£95.46 excl. VAT £114.55 incl. VAT

125 mm (5") C-Tec dust-free angle grinder guard for diamond cutting, chasing and raking on specific models of Makita, Hikoki (formerly Hitachi) Bosch and Hilti 115/125 mm angle grinder - see Which grinders will fit (below) for compatible grinders - do not assume other grinders will fit. Takes 115 mm and 125 mm raking blades up to 10 mm thickness. Contact us for fitting instructions for the Hilti DCG125 grinder. 

95 mm Mortar Raking Blade

£34.96 excl. VAT £41.95 incl. VAT

95 mm diameter, 6 or 8 mm wide, Diamond Mortar Raking blade, with standard 22 mm bore, primarily for use on the brick perps (vertical joints). As consequence of reduced blade diameter, cutting depth significantly reduced - see More Info below for guidance on blade capacity on typical equipment configurations.

Termite Mortar Rake Starter Kit

Termite Mortar Raking - Starter Kit

£52.41 excl. VAT £62.89 incl. VAT

Superior design Mortar Raking Starter Kit for small angle grinders complete with two mortar rakes. Raking attachment combines dust and depth control functions with 'always open' extraction port and 'keyhole' extension for enhanced joint cleaning. Long life stainless steel base-plate with beveled edges and sighting guides.  Supplied with five colour-coded spacer rings, matched to popular brands of 115 and 125 mm angle grinders. See detailed information below ….

Economy Termite Brick Raking System

£93.59 excl. VAT £112.31 incl. VAT

Termite Mortar Raking attachment fitted to Hikoki G12STX 600 watt angle grinder, with an 8 x 26 mm (diameter x length) 3 cutter rake. The Termite attachment provides depth and dust control functions with an ‘always open’ dust extraction port. The stainless steel skid provides a stable working platform with sighting guides to make following the joint easy. With the depth adjustment, you can expose as little as 12 mm or all of the 26 mm rake. Select 110 or 240 volt grinder using drop-down below.

EZe-Fit CC - Cutting, Chasing and Brick Raking Cowl

£42.80 excl. VAT £51.36 incl. VAT

EZe-Fit CC attaches to the Safety Guard on small angle grinders. Wheeled and Slider models offered - see More Info below.

EZe-Fit CC is a low-cost solution which if fitted and used properly, will offer adequate dust control. Positioning and security of fit depends on the grinder guard, so may vary.

EZe-Fit CC is ideal for occasional users and low intensity work although we have already received positive feedback from professionals. We also offer C-Tec and Cyclone premium dust cowls.

GENUINE Arbortech Allsaw XL General Purpose Blade Pair

£204.05 excl. VAT £244.86 incl. VAT

Arbortech Allsaw XL General Purpose blade pair. For extra-deep (170 mm max.) cutting in brickwork, blockwork and mortar, wood and tree stumps and through dirt, sand, soft stone and plastic. This blade set provides 50 mm extra depth when compared to the standard General Purpose Blade pair. Click below to buy online. 

Economy Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing System

£143.27 excl. VAT £171.92 incl. VAT

Fully assembled cutting, chasing or raking system, comprising Cyclone 24 Dust cowl, Makita 125 mm angle grinder and diamond blade (if selected). Connect to suitable dust extraction equipment for dust free operation. Select voltage and blade diameter/width using the drop-down menus - the default combination is 240 volt with NO BLADE fitted.  More details below ...

125mm Mortar Raking Blades

125 mm Premium Diamond Mortar Raking Blade

£51.43 excl. VAT £61.72 incl. VAT

Premium quality 125 mm Diamond Mortar Raking blade of European manufacture. 6, 8 & 10 mm widths, all with 10 mm tall diamond segments. Available ex stock to buy online. Select required width from the Blade Size drop-down menu above the Add to Cart button