Angle Grinder Guard Collection

We offer a wide range of cutting, chasing and raking dust-control or dustless cowls for popular angle grinders, designed to contain and extract dust and waste materials closest to the point they are generated. These range from the grinder-specific C-Tec products, for 125 mm, 180 mm and 230 mm angle grinders and blades, to the multi-fit Cyclone for 115 mm and 125 mm angle grinders and blades. We also supply the low dust Arbortech Allsaw reciprocating saw and its replacement blades, which can be found in our Brickwork section, plus the Sparkbuster safety guard, with its spring-loaded retractable blade cover.

We supply dust extractors and industrial vacuums or 'hoovers' suitable for all of the above products and applications, all available to buy online.