Angle Grinder Guard Collection

We offer a wide range of cutting, chasing and raking dust-control or dustless cowls for popular angle grinders, designed to contain and extract dust and waste materials closest to the point they are generated. These range from the grinder-specific C-Tec products, for 125 mm, 180 mm and 230 mm angle grinders and blades, to the multi-fit Cyclone for 115 mm and 125 mm angle grinders and blades. We also supply the low dust Arbortech Allsaw reciprocating saw and its replacement blades, which can be found in our Brickwork section, plus the Sparkbuster safety guard, with its spring-loaded retractable blade cover.

We supply dust extractors and industrial vacuums or 'hoovers' suitable for all of the above products and applications, all available to buy online.

Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing System

£234.80 excl. VAT £281.76 incl. VAT

230 mm dust-free Cutting and Chasing system. Has positive depth control in 5 mm steps to maximum 60 mm (230 mm blade) plus sight guides and a stabilizing frame (with rollers) for smooth and accurate cutting. Using the drop-down selectors, choose blade size (180 or 230 mm) voltage (110 or 240 volt) and grinder power (ST-2000 watt or SC3-2300 watt). See More Info below for further details including extraction hose options

125mm C-Tec Cutting Cowl

125 mm Cutting, Chasing & Brick Raking Cowl

£95.46 excl. VAT £114.55 incl. VAT

125 mm (5") C-Tec dust-free angle grinder guard for diamond cutting, chasing and raking on specific angle grinders. Accepts 115 mm and 125 mm diamond blades up to 10 mm thick. Fits specific 115 mm & 125 mm Makita, Hitachi, Bosch and Hilti angle grinders - see tabs Which grinders will fit and Downloads and note special instructions for installation on the Hilti DCG 125 grinder. Choose required model from the drop-down menu to buy online or contact us for advice.

Cyclone Cowl

Cyclone Diamond Cutting, Raking and Chasing Cowl

£59.00 excl. VAT £70.80 incl. VAT

Dust free cutting, chasing and raking cowl for selected 115 mm & 125 mm angle grinders, for purchase online. Will accept diamond cutting and raking blades to 125 mm diameter and 10 mm width. Semi-transparent body and depth settings on metal base plate. 34 mm dust outlet. More details below ....

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Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing Dust Extraction Cowl

Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing Dust Extraction Cowl

£98.00 excl. VAT £117.60 incl. VAT

230 mm Cutting and Chasing Dust Control Cowl for popular angle grinders using single 180 or 230 mm Diamond Cutting Blades. Positive depth control in 5 mm steps to maximum 60 mm (230 mm blade). Sight guide and stabilizing frame (with rollers) for smooth and accurate cutting. For further detail, see More Info and Which Grinders Will Fit below 

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125 mm Metal Cutting Blade

£14.75 excl. VAT £17.70 incl. VAT

Sparkbuster 125 mm diameter, 32 tooth, TCT blade; 22.23 mm (7/8") bore.
Suitable for Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel - sheet, tube and rod, plus nail-ridden wood.

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230mm C-Tec Cutting Cowl

230 mm 9 inch Cutting & Chasing Dust Cowl

£106.01 excl. VAT £127.21 incl. VAT

C-Tec Cutting and Chasing Dust Control Cowl for selected Bosch, Hitachi and Makita 180/230 mm angle grinders - see "Which Grinders Will Fit" tab below. Full length wrap-around stainless base plate, with depth setting facility. Supplied with custom flange nuts for correct blade placement. Take care to select correct product using the drop-down menu alongside. If unsure, contact us for advice.  

Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner

£19.39 excl. VAT £23.27 incl. VAT

Tuff Key 4-pin flange nut spanner available to buy online. Provides more secure connection and better reach than standard issue flat angle grinder spanners. Ideal for securing depressed centre diamond cup disks and for use with C-Tec Cutting and G-Tec Grinding cowls. Suitable for use with standard angle grinder flange nuts as well as custom flange nut sets provided with Sunrise Tools products (disk and flange nut in images NOT included)

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125 mm Grinder with C-Tec Dust Extraction Cowl

125 mm Grinder with C-Tec Dust Extraction Cowl

£212.46 excl. VAT £254.95 incl. VAT

C-Tec 125 mm dust-free cutting cowl fitted to 125 mm (5 inch) Hitachi angle grinder. Cowl has 32 mm outlet for connection of dust extractor and features wrap-around stainless steel base plate, for maximum dust control. Blade NOT included. More information below ...