Dust Control - Angle Grinder Dust Extraction Guards

We provide angle grinder dust control guards for use with grinding disks, sanding pads, cutting, chasing and raking blades, along with dust extractors and industrial vacuums to match.

With the Grinding & Sanding Guards, we have products tailored for specific grinder types with the dust control features required by professional surface preparation or construction trades. In addition, we have dust control items targeted at the occasional or DIY user, that are configurable for a number of popular small format angle grinders. 

Our offerings for Cutting & Chasing Guards are similar in that we cater for professional users with items suitable for high intensity dust-free working, such as brick raking or crack chasing, whilst also having options for the less demanding user.

Our off-the-shelf Dust Extractor and Industrial Vacuum products have a range of capabilities, with all suitable for the control of dust and waste collection from handheld systems, with options for use with larger walk-behind surface preparation machinery.

Removing dust at source creates a healthier and safer working environment, with the additional benefit of reduced clean-up. It extends equipment life by minimising the ingress of dust, which would otherwise accelerate wear on switches, motors and mechanical components. In many instances, it also extends the working life of the cutting blades and disks. 


"Dust is an expensive nuisance that can impact your people, finances and company reputation. Yet with a little bit of thought and a zero cost investment, the problem can be eliminated. Consider…

  • Power tools need clean air to keep cool. Dust-laden air coats internal workings, reduces cooling and accelerates wear on switches and moving parts. Dust destroys power tools.
  • If your employees can't see what they're doing, they're more likely to make mistakes. Dust slows progress and increases the likelihood of expensive errors.
  • Dispersed dust takes time and money to collect. Capturing dust at source is undoubtedly quicker and cheaper than cleaning up after the event.
  • Dust is a nuisance for other tradesman or innocent passers-by. Complaints disrupt work schedules, may result in financial compensation and can threaten future opportunities.
  • Most importantly, dust is a direct health hazard for your employees and other persons in the vicinity.

Dust control and extraction features are common on many power tools or can easily be added. Attaching a 'hoover' allows the majority of dust and waste products to be captured before they can escape into the atmosphere. An inexpensive solution to a potentially costly problem."

Sunrise Tools & Equipment provide a wide range of dust control products. We have many years of experience in providing practical solutions for controlling, containing and collecting dust in construction and maintenance situations.