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Drain Buddy Gully Opener

Drain Buddy Gully Opener

£211.34 excl. VAT £253.61 incl. VAT

Drain Buddy Gully Opener is a foot and hand-operated tool for unseating and opening stubborn slatted drain covers, storm gratings and gully covers. Allows user to bring their full weight to bear for unseating the gully grating or cover, whereupon it can be hinged open more easily, using the extendable handle. 
Buy online, with or without a carry-bag. See Downloads tab below for User Guide.

Termite Mortar Rake Attachment only

Termite Mortar Raking - Grinder Attachment

£36.93 excl. VAT £44.32 incl. VAT

Superior design Mortar Raking attachment for small angle grinders combining dust and depth control functions. Long-life stainless steel base-plate with sighting guides. 'Always open' extraction port with ‘keyhole’ extension for enhanced dust control. Supplied with five colour-coded spacer rings, matched to popular brands of 115 and 125 mm grinders. See detailed information below …

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Quikpave TURBO Lightning Grouter - Makita Cordless

£370.82 excl. VAT £444.98 incl. VAT

Quikpave TURBO Lightning Grouter, assembled with Makita DHP458Z cordless drill, for effortless pointing and grouting of large paved areas.
Available with/without batteries and charger.
This system shares key components with the proven Quikpoint TURBO Pointing products.
This Lightning Grouter configuration, with wheel support, provides a more comfortable solution for large areas and long horizontal joints.
Supplied with spares kit and aluminum filling scoop.

See More Info below for further detail …

125mm G-Tec Grinding Cowl

125 mm G-Tec Grinding Cowl

£55.71 excl. VAT £66.85 incl. VAT

125 mm angle grinder cowl for dust-free grinding and sanding using diamond cup disks or flat sanding sheets (with backing pad and Flexipad Adapter) - buy online. Replaceable polyurethane shroud with connector for 38 and 50 mm hose. Aluminium clamp machined for precise fit on selected grinders - see compatability chart and more details below ...

125mm C-Tec Cutting Cowl

125 mm Cutting, Chasing & Brick Raking Cowl

£95.46 excl. VAT £114.55 incl. VAT

125 mm (5") C-Tec dust-free angle grinder guard for diamond cutting, chasing and raking on specific models of Makita, Hikoki (formerly Hitachi) Bosch and Hilti 115/125 mm angle grinder - see Which grinders will fit (below) for compatible grinders - do not assume other grinders will fit. Takes 115 mm and 125 mm raking blades up to 10 mm thickness. Contact us for fitting instructions for the Hilti DCG125 grinder. 

Hurricane Grinding & Sanding Cowl

Hurricane Grinding & Sanding Cowl

£49.00 excl. VAT £58.80 incl. VAT

Hurricane dust-free grinding & sanding cowl for selected 115mm & 125mm angle grinders. See complete list of compatible grinders in 'Which Grinders Will Fit?' tab.

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G-Tec Allfit Grinding & Sanding Cowl

G-Tec Allfit Grinding & Sanding Cowl

£82.76 excl. VAT £99.31 incl. VAT

Multi-fit dust-free or dustless grinding and sanding cowl for Bosch, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, DeWalt and Milwaukee 180 & 230 mm angle grinders - buy online. For use with 180 mm diamond 'cup' disks. 50 mm dust extractor or vacuum port for direct connection of 50 mm diameter extractor hose; if using 38 mm hose, add the G-Tec Hose Cuff, which can be found under the Accessories/Related tab, below. 

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Dust Muzzle Ultra - Large

Dust Muzzle Ultra Dust Cowls

£27.89 excl. VAT £33.47 incl. VAT

Universal fit dustless grinding and sanding guards or cowls for angle grinders, to buy online. Small (125 mm) model for angle grinders and disk sizes up to 125 mm. Large (200 mm) model for disk sizes to 180 mm and for fitment to 180 and 230 mm angle grinders. User can 'trim' the mounting collar to accomodate a diamond 'cup' grinding disk or a range of flat sanding disks or polishing and backing pads. More details below ...

SV30 Dust Extractor

SV30 M Class Dust Extractor

£471.99 excl. VAT £566.39 incl. VAT

Single motor SV30 M Class Dust Extractor with electric filter shaker, auto-sensing power tool socket and accessories kit. Available as both 110V and 240V. Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details.

SV50e Dust Extractor

M Class Dust Extractor - SV50e

£657.24 excl. VAT £788.69 incl. VAT

1400 watt, cyclonic-action Dust Extractor for dry material, with on-board filter cleaner, bagged waste collection, 5 metre hose and scaffold attachment hook. Available in 110V and 240 volt - new auto-switch facility on 240 volt model.
Limited Warranty product - see More Info below for further details on this and other aspects of the product ...

REVISED Jointmaster EZe Iron - Packaged Set

£39.95 excl. VAT £47.94 incl. VAT

Jointmaster EZe Iron packaged set with Wheeled Tool, raking studs and one of each iron / profile (four in total). Includes double-ended Raking Stud (5 & 8 mm widths) for raking fresh mortars. Replacement irons can be bought individually from other pages on this website

See More Info for further details ...