Quikpoint PLUS - Electric Mortar Pointing System

Improved Quikpoint PLUS Electric Mortar Pointing system for fast, clean and effortless brick and stone joint filling using cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or pre-mix. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and will not clog. See More info below for Drill choices and details of accessories included as standard. Supplied with FREE CARRY BAG for LIMITED PERIOD ONLY

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Quikpoint Explanation
An explanation of the Quikpoint Electric Mortar Repointing Gun

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What's included

Quikpoint Drill Attachment fitted to a Makita 6510LVR or Hitachi D10VC3 ** - choose 110 or 240 volt
Aluminium Mortar Scoop
Five Nozzles and various Tip Blades spares and screws
Allen Key and Assembly Spanner

** Quikpoint Plus systems using the Hitachi D10VC3 drill use our own (Sunrise Tools) custom-designed mounting arms which ensure accurate alignment and greater security of the assembly

About Quikpoint PLUS
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e have created the new PLUS configuration by the addition of a strengthened auger which has been hardened (heat-treated) to provide greater wear resistance. The hardened auger has been available as a replacement item for some time and is proven to last significantly longer than the original factory-fitted standard auger. 

The drill choices - both The Hitachi and Makita drills are available in 110 or 240 volt, have variable speed function (via the trigger) and a 'rotary control' to permit a set speed to be maintained with minimal effort:

  • the Makita 6510LVR is a low speed/high torque drill, using double-reduction gearing to deliver a maximum speed circa 1100 rev/min; rated power is 330 watt.
  • the Hitachi D10VC3 is rated at 600 watt and has a top speed circa 2300 rev/min. The presence of side handle mounting holes on the Hitachi drill has permitted us to create a unique mounting arm arrangement for this combination of drill and Quikpoint

To maintain the integrity and weatherproofing of a structure, it is important that mortar joints are of sufficient depth, have no hidden voids and are adequately compressed and sealed. The Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun is a convenient and effective joint filling system, used by Masonry and Pointing Contractors yet suitable for less skilled operatives and competent DIYers. The Quikpoint Pointing Gun is consistently faster than trowel filling and more likely to achieve full joint penetration. It is physically less demanding than hand-held  pointing guns (also known as caulking or mastic guns) which rely on hand-generated pressure and hence are prone to causing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Quikpoint Electric Pointing Gun vs Handheld (Mastic) Pointing Gun

Handheld pointing guns are a popular alternative to repointing with a mortar hawk and trowel. They are relatively low cost, lightweight and require no power (other than a strong wrist). So, what’s better about the Quikpoint approach?


Quikpoint will hold more mortar than the typical mastic gun - typically 2L-3L - so fewer stops to refill.

Loading time:

A few seconds with the Quikpoint scoop vs unscrewing and withdrawing plunger, filling narrow tube, refitting plunger etc.


With Quikpoint, any self-mix - including lime mortars - or pre-mix mortars will work well.


Mastic guns are prone to mix separation and clogging, especially with self-mixes - not a problem with the auger-fed Quikpoint.


Quikpoint permits fast and consistent joint filling to realistic depths across a range of joint widths, with little effort.


Quikpoint is significantly less physical than a mastic gun, hence more work for the same effort.

Bottom line:

Quikpoint quickly pays for itself in reduced time, effort and material costs.