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Manhole Buddy Alloy Lifting Trolley (Folded)

Manhole Buddy Alloy Lifting Trolley - Clearance Item

£423.60 excl. VAT £508.32 incl. VAT

This alloy trolley is certified for loads of up to 125 kg and for use only with Manhole Buddy Lifting Attachments.

We originally supplied Manhole Buddy systems with this Alloy Trolley. In subsequent years, we developed lower-cost versions in Steel. As demand for the Alloy version is now almost non-existent, we are withdrawing it from the range and offering existing stock at greatly reduced prices.

The Alloy Trolley will in future be available only to Special Order.

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110V 16A Extension Cable - Medium Duty 2.5 mm CSA

£12.99 excl. VAT £15.59 incl. VAT


14 metre 110v extension cable, 2.5 mm csa, 3 core, with 16A plug and socket. PAT tested at date of manufacture.

We class 1.5 mm csa (core size) as Light Duty, 2.5 csa Medium Duty and 4 mm csa Heavy Duty.

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