Mortar Raking Blade Range

It can be as difficult for the supplier as it is the user, to determine what specification of raking blade might be required in certain circumstances. The solution sometimes relies on trial (and error) or given time, familiarity with the options available. It is for these reasons we have expanded the range of raking blades we offer, with different sizes, widths, construction and inevitably, price points. In summary, the range spans 95 to 125 mm overall diameter (all with the standard 22 mm bore), widths from 6 to 12 mm, with solid and mulit-blade construction. If what is on offer confuses or you want to discuss any aspect of what we provide, do call or email us and we will be happy to assist. 

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95 mm Mortar Raking Blade

£34.96 excl. VAT £41.95 incl. VAT

95 mm diameter, 6 or 8 mm wide, Diamond Mortar Raking blade, with standard 22 mm bore, primarily for use on the brick perps (vertical joints). As consequence of reduced blade diameter, cutting depth significantly reduced - see More Info below for guidance on blade capacity on typical equipment configurations.

125mm Mortar Raking Blades

125 mm Premium Diamond Mortar Raking Blade

£51.43 excl. VAT £61.72 incl. VAT

Premium quality 125 mm Diamond Mortar Raking blade of European manufacture. 6, 8 & 10 mm widths, all with 10 mm tall diamond segments. Available ex stock to buy online. Select required width from the Blade Size drop-down menu above the Add to Cart button

SDS Plus Mortar Raking Chisel

£23.62 excl. VAT £28.34 incl. VAT

Forged steel chisel with copper-brazed carbide tips permitting mortar removal behind pipes, into corners, around windows etc - the areas a blade or routing bit (rake) will never reach. Has cranked SDS Plus shank for improved access - must be used with drill in hammer mode.

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