MaxVac Range

MaxVac DV20 and DV35 models are compact M Class dust extractors with motor and filter fitted on top of the collector tank. Suitable for light construction work, they are fitted with a cartridge filter and an associated electro-mechanical shaker; an additional M Class fleece filter bag can be fitted for safer handling and disposal of the waste. An auto-switching power socket is fitted for support of power tools. Commonly used for chasing, low intensity brick raking and to provide dust control for a variety of construction site tasks.

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DV20 M Class Dust Extractor with Drum Interceptor

£616.54 excl. VAT £739.85 incl. VAT

This combination of MaxVac DV20-MB M-Class Dust Extractor and the Sunrise Tools Si50-D38 Interceptor delivers sustained airflow and suction performance with enhanced dust storage and ease of waste disposal. Available in both 110V and 240V configurations. Delivered with all hose connections to ensure 'out-of-the-box' working within minutes - see More Info below for further details.

MaxVac DV35-MB - M Class Wet & Dry Vacuum

£475.35 excl. VAT £570.42 incl. VAT

DV35-MB is an M Class, single motor vacuum, 110 or 240 volt.
Start-Stop control is via an On-Off rocker switch or through a Power Tool (connected to the Power Take-off).
A simple push-button provides On-demand filter cleaning, even with the motor running; Auto Filter cleaning occurs when the Tool in the Power Take-off socket stops.
A fleece filter bag simplifies handling of the waste materials, whilst also providing an additional level of air filtration. 
See More Info below for further details

Economy M Class Brick Raking Package (Blade)

£619.85 excl. VAT £743.82 incl. VAT

Ready-to-work Dust-Free Brick Raking package, containing our Economy or DIY Brick Raking Toolkit and a MaxVac DV35 dust extractor with electric filter cleaner, optional fleece filter bag and switched power socket. Best suited to low intensity or DIY work. To buy online, select 110 volt or 240 volt from drop-down selector alongside. More details below ...