Pointing & Finishing

We provide mains and battery-powered Quikpoint tools for pointing and grouting with cement and lime mortars. We also supply Pointmaster compression and ironing tools for finishing brick mortar joints. To maintain the integrity and weatherproofing of a structure, it is important that mortar joints are of sufficient depth, have no hidden voids and are adequately compressed and sealed. The Quikpoint Electric Repointing Gun is a fast and effective
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NEW Pointmaster Packaged Set

£54.47 excl. VAT £65.36 incl. VAT

Complete Pointmaster packaged set with Wheeled Tool, raking studs and one off each iron/profile (four in total).
New for 2019 is a slightly modified Wheeled Tool with longer Raking Studs; but the four Compression Irons are unchanged so previous purchases are fully compatible with the new tool

See More Info below for package contents

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Quikpoint Pointing Attachment (No Drill)

Quikpoint PLUS - Mortar Pointing Attachment

£243.19 excl. VAT £291.83 incl. VAT

Improved Quikpoint PLUS drill attachment (with Hardened Auger) for effortless brick and stone joint filling with self-mixed or bagged mortars, cement or lime. Fits wide range of drills. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit and mortar scoop.  All consumables and spares stocked. Buy online here. Video and more details of PLUS upgrade below ...

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NEW Pointmaster Wheeled Tool

£23.89 excl. VAT £28.67 incl. VAT

Wheeled Tool that accepts raking studs and finishing profiles to provide compressed, shaped and sealed mortar joints.

The new for 2019 Wheeled Tool uses a longer Raking Stud of which both ends (5 and 8 mm) can be used. The original Compression Irons - Recessed (8 or 10 mm) Bucket Handle or Weatherstruck- still fit and are purchased separately. A single Raking Stud is provided with the tool - additional Raking Studs can be purchased in packs of 10. More info below ...

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Quikpoint PLUS with Hitachi drill

Quikpoint PLUS - Electric Mortar Pointing System

£327.18 excl. VAT £392.62 incl. VAT

Improved Quikpoint PLUS Electric Mortar Pointing system for fast, clean and effortless brick and stone joint filling using cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or pre-mix. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and will not clog. See More info below for Drill choices and details of accessories included as standard. Supplied with FREE CARRY BAG for LIMITED PERIOD ONLY

Cordless Quikpoint Plus mortar pointing system

Quikpoint PLUS - Cordless Mortar Pointing System

£328.18 excl. VAT £393.82 incl. VAT

Cordless Mortar Pointing using Quikpoint PLUS (with Hardened Auger) and Makita 18 volt DHP458Z cordless drill - buy with or without batteries and charger. 
Quikpoint is a proven system for effortless repointing and grouting, with cement or lime mortars, self-mixed or bagged. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit and mortar scoop. All consumables and spares stocked on our premises. 
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Auger Replacement Kit (Mid 2012 Onwards)

Quikpoint PLUS Auger Replacement Kit

£55.65 excl. VAT £66.78 incl. VAT

Comprehensive service kit containing HARDENED replacement auger, spacing washers, auger sleeve, sleeve screws and fully assembled tip blade set, including the blade coupling. Choose Orange or Yellow kit depending on age of your Quikpoint - see drop-down menu alongside for changeover date

Gibco MRF Additive

Gibco MRF Additive

£6.92 excl. VAT £8.30 incl. VAT

Gibco MRF is a concentrated admixture, formulated as a replacement for lime in masonry and plaster mortars. At standard dosage, this 8 ounce tub will treat 22 gallons (100 litres) of water.

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