Pointing & Finishing

We provide mains and battery-powered Quikpoint tools for pointing and grouting with cement and lime mortars. We also supply Pointmaster compression and ironing tools for finishing brick mortar joints. All of these items are available to buy online.

To maintain the integrity and weatherproofing of a structure, it is important that mortar joints are of sufficient depth, have no hidden voids and are adequately compressed and sealed. The Quikpoint Electric Repointing Gun is a fast and effective joint filling system, suitable for skilled workers and competent DIY'ers. It is significantly faster than manually operated mastic or grout guns and will not suffer the same clogging issues. The Quikpave Paving Grouter provides the same functions as the Quikpoint Mortar Gun, but configured for use as an upright tool, ideal for filling paving joints. The Pointmaster irons produce consistent, well-defined pointing profiles whilst compressing and sealing the mortar, thereby ensuring a stronger, more durable joint. Available to provide Recessed Joints, Weatherstruck Joints and traditional bucket handle finishes.