NEW Pointmaster Wheeled Tool


Wheeled Tool that accepts raking studs and finishing profiles to provide compressed, sealed and shaped mortar joints.

The new for 2019 Wheeled Tool uses a longer Raking Stud of which both ends (5 and 8 mm) can be used, along with the original Compression Irons - Recessed (8 or 10 mm) Bucket Handle or Weatherstruck. Irons can be purchased individually (not supplied with this item). More info below 

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£ 28.33 (excl. VAT)£ 34.00 (inc. VAT)

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What's included:

  • 1 x Pointmaster Wheeled Tool
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Pack of 10  Raking Studs

The basic Wheeled Tool is supplied with a pack of Raking Studs and is generally used for raking mortar joints during the initial construction process. The tool can also be used with the wheels removed. Such raked joints are often brush finished.

As an alternative, finishing (compression) irons can be secured in the tool holder to permit a sealed/shaped joint to be created; the compression irons (Recessed, Weatherstruck and Bucket Handle) are purchased separately.

The Wheeled Tool combined with the Raking Stud may also be suitable for removing small areas of loose or crumbling mortar, prior to repointing. For removal of long-established bed joints, use the dust free C-Tec Brick Raking system with a diamond blade. The tool can also be used with the wheels removed.