Dust Control - Angle Grinder Dust Extraction Guards

We provide angle grinder dust control guards for use with grinding disks, sanding pads, cutting, chasing and raking blades, along with dust extractors and industrial vacuums to match.

With the Grinding & Sanding Guards, we have products tailored for specific grinder types with the dust control features required by professional surface preparation or construction trades. In addition, we have dust control items targeted at the occasional or DIY user, that are configurable for a number of popular small format angle grinders. 

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SV50P Dust Extractor with Pre-Separator

SV50P Dust Extractor with Interceptor

£802.40 excl. VAT £962.88 incl. VAT

1400 watt, single motor, cyclonic dust extractor with additional pre-separator (interceptor) stage. On-board filter cleaner, dual bagged waste collection and 5 metre hose range. For dry materials. Available as 110 volt and 240 volt - 240 volt model has additional Auto-switch facility. Limited Warranty applies to part of this product - see More Info below for further details ...

Tornado 230 Cutting & Chasing System

£234.80 excl. VAT £281.76 incl. VAT

230 mm dust-free Cutting and Chasing system. Has positive depth control in 5 mm steps to maximum 60 mm (230 mm blade) plus sight guides and a stabilizing frame (with rollers) for smooth and accurate cutting. Using the drop-down selectors, choose blade size (180 or 230 mm) voltage (110 or 240 volt) and grinder power (ST-2000 watt or SC3-2300 watt). See More Info below for further details including extraction hose options

G-Tec Allfit Grinding & Sanding Cowl with Flip-front

G-Tec Allfit Flip Front Grinding & Sanding Cowl

£95.17 excl. VAT £114.20 incl. VAT

Multi-fit dust-free grinding and sanding cowl, with hinged 'Flip Front' for Bosch, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, DeWalt and Milwaukee 180 & 230 mm angle grinders - buy online. For use with 180 mm diamond 'cup' disks. 50 mm dust extractor or vacuum port; if using 38 mm hose, add the G-Tec Hose Cuff, which can be found under the Accessories/Related tab, below. 

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Sparkbuster 125 mm Metal Cutting Blade

£14.75 excl. VAT £17.70 incl. VAT

Sparkbuster 125 mm diameter, 32 tooth, TCT blade; 22.23 mm (7/8") bore.
Suitable for Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steel - sheet, tube and rod, plus nail-ridden wood.

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C-Tec 180mm Cutting Cowl

180 mm 7 inch Cutting & Chasing Dust Cowl

£94.67 excl. VAT £113.60 incl. VAT

C-Tec Cutting and Chasing Dust Control Cowl for some Bosch, Hitachi and Makita 180/230 mm angle grinders - listing in "Which Grinders Will Fit" tab below. Features wrap-around stainless steel base plate with depth setting. Includes custom flange nut set for correct blade placement. Select required version from the drop-down menu above the Add to Cart button. If unsure, contact us for advice.

SV30 Floorcare and Accessory kit

SV30 Accessory Kit

£33.00 excl. VAT £39.60 incl. VAT

Economy dust extractor tool kit comprising 3 piece floor wand, floor head with alternative 'edges', brush, crevice tool and hose adapter

180mm G-Tec Grinding Cowl Set

180 mm G-Tec Grinding Cowl

£62.07 excl. VAT £74.48 incl. VAT

180 mm angle grinder cowl for dust-free grinding and sanding - buy online. Moulded polyurethane with detachable 38/50 mm hose connector. Fitted with aluminium clamp for selected 180 and 230 mm grinders - see compatability chart below. For use with 180 mm diamond cup disks or flat sanding pads (with Adapter/Spacer). Replacement polyurethane shroud available. Full details below ...

SparkBuster on Makita grinder with 125 mm metal-cutting blade

£149.71 excl. VAT £179.65 incl. VAT

SparkBuster safety cutting guard fitted to Makita 9558NB angle grinder with Sunrise 125 mm toothed metal-cutting blade installed. Safe alternative to unguarded metal cutting with blade or carborundum disk. Minimal spark and substantial suppression of debris. Choose grinder voltage from drop-down menu alongside.

PCD Diamond Grinding Disk

PCD Diamond Grinding Disk

£75.90 excl. VAT £91.08 incl. VAT

180 mm diameter Polycrystalline Diamond Disk (PCD) for removing hard coatings. Also highly effective on softer materials which could be prone to overheating when worked with traditional grinding disks. More details below.

230mm C-Tec Cutting Cowl

230 mm 9 inch Cutting & Chasing Dust Cowl

£106.01 excl. VAT £127.21 incl. VAT

C-Tec Cutting and Chasing Dust Control Cowl for selected Bosch, Hitachi and Makita 180/230 mm angle grinders - see "Which Grinders Will Fit" tab below. Full length wrap-around stainless base plate, with depth setting facility. Supplied with custom flange nuts for correct blade placement. Take care to select correct product using the drop-down menu alongside. If unsure, contact us for advice.