NEW Pointmaster Pack of 10 Raking Studs


Pack of 10 Raking Studs for use with Pointmaster Wheeled Tool.

This item was updated for 2019. It is now significantly longer than the original raking stud. Either end of the Raking Stud (5 or 8 mm diameter) can be used to rake the joint. If used with an earlier Pointmaster Tool, the Raking Stud will need to be shortened. See more info below.

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What's included:

  • Single pack of 10 Raking Studs

For use with the Pointmaster Wheeled Tool. These raking studs are generally used for raking mortar joints during the initial construction process. They may also be suitable for raking small areas of loose or crumbling mortar, prior to repointing.

New for 2019

At 53 mm length, this NEW Raking Stud is over twice the length of the previous item. To equip the earlier tool (where the stud is retained within an alloy block) you need to trim the new stud to a maximum length of 22 mm.

With the NEW Wheeled Tool (where the Raking Stud passes completely through the body) both the 'thick' 8 mm and 'thin' 5 mm diameters of the Raking Stud can be used to rake the joint; it is also possible to rake the joint much deeper.