Brick Raking

We provide essential safety equipment to ensure high intensity brick raking can be undertaken free of dust. This includes dustless and dust-free brick raking guards and cowls, professional dust extractors and construction specification vacuums, pre-separators and waste collection systems, diamond raking blades and tungsten carbide mortar rakes in various diameters

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Economy Brick Raking Toolkit

125 mm Economy Brick Raking Toolkit

£196.70 excl. VAT £236.04 incl. VAT

Ready-to-work brick raking kit for low intensity and DIY dust-free brick raking and grinding. Contains 125 mm angle grinder fitted with dust extraction cowl and 125 mm x 6 mm diamond raking blade, plus essential PPE to get you started. Available to buy online - select 110 volt or 240 volt from drop-down menu alongside. Further details below ....

Economy Brick Raking Package

125 mm Economy Brick Raking Package

£599.50 excl. VAT £719.40 incl. VAT

Ready-to-work Dust-Free Brick Raking package, containing our Economy or DIY Brick Raking Toolkit and an SV30 Dust Extractor with electric filter cleaner and switched power socket. Best suited to low intensity or DIY work. To buy online, select 110 volt or 240 volt from drop-down selector alongside. More details and video below ...