Brick Raking

We provide essential safety equipment to ensure high intensity brick raking can be undertaken free of dust. This includes dustless and dust-free brick raking guards and cowls, professional dust extractors and construction specification vacuums, pre-separators and waste collection systems, diamond raking blades and tungsten carbide mortar rakes in various diameters

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Arbortec Allsaw (AS170)

Arbortech AS170 Masonry Saw

£965.56 excl. VAT £1,158.67 incl. VAT

Arbortech AS170 low dust reciprocal action saw, ideal for plunge cutting and restoration works. Delivered in a custom holdall with General Purpose and Mortar Plunge blade pairs. Available to buy online - select 110 volt or 240 volt from drop-down menu alongside. More details below ...

125 mm Diamond Mortar Raking Blade

£49.76 excl. VAT £59.71 incl. VAT

Diamond Mortar Raking blade - 125 mm diameter; 3 mm core width; 22 mm bore; 12 mm segment depth. Blade/segment widths - 6, 8, 10 & 12 mm.
Select required width from the Blade Size drop-down menu.

125 mm Economy Diamond Mortar Raking Blade

£23.85 excl. VAT £28.62 incl. VAT

Economy Diamond Mortar Raking blade, constructed from two narrow diamond blades. Likely to require less input power and may cut faster than equivalent width solid blade. But may result in thin centre 'slice' of mortar needing to be chipped out after raking.
125 mm overall diameter; blade widths - 6, 8 and 10 mm (using combinations of 2 and 3 blades)
Standard 22 mm blade bore
Select required width from the Blade Size drop-down menu.

95 mm Mortar Raking Blade

£45.75 excl. VAT £54.90 incl. VAT

95 mm diameter, 6 mm wide, Diamond Mortar Raking blade, with standard 22 mm bore, primarily for use on the brick perps (vertical joints). As consequence of reduced blade diameter, cutting depth significantly reduced - see More Info below for guidance on blade capacity on typical equipment configurations.

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