M Class Brick Raking & Pointing Package

Ready-to-work Brick Raking and Repointing package containing our Professional Brick Raking Toolbox, the SV50e M Class Dust Extractor package and the Quikpoint drill-driven repointing system with an HITACHI drill, available to buy online - select 110 volt or 240 volt from drop-down menu alongside. All your repointing needs in one package. More details below ...

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M Class Brick Raking & Pointing Package
Dust-free Brick Raking and Electric Repointing equipment set. This video provides a summary of...


User Guide - M Class Brick Raking & Pointing Package
Video User Guide, describing all parts of the package, advising how best to use and providing...

£ 1,026.50 (excl. VAT)£ 1,231.80 (inc. VAT)

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  • SV50e M Class Single Motor Dust Extractor (1400 watt - 110V or 240V)
  • 5 metre wire-reinforced hose with custom hose cuffs
  • 10 Waste Collection Bags
  • Hitachi G13Se2 angle grinder (110V or 240V) with 1050W motor
  • 125mm C-Tec Brick Raking Cowl
  • 125 x 6.4mm Diamond Raking Blade
  • Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Gloves
  • Lockable Toolbox
  • Quikpoint Mortar Pointing Gun on Hitachi D10VC3 drill (110V or 240V)
  • Mortar Scoop
  • Spare Tip Blades
  • Selection of Nozzles (5 mm - 11 mm)