What are Drain and Cover Lifting Products

A Manhole Buddy permits an average build person to lift a drain cover equal to their own weight using minimal physical effort. The products are widely used within the utilities, surveying, maintenance, facilities management and security industries in addition to numerous ad hoc situations. What makes the products highly desirable in most situations are simplicity, speed and safety.

Lifting manhole covers presents a number of risks. The weight of a typical manhole cover far exceeds HSE guidelines for single person lifting – many will be more than twice the recommended figure. The size, shape and location of a cover often make it difficult to adopt a good posture. The inherent lifting and twisting actions are frequently the cause of back injuries and there is always a risk of trapping hands or feet. And a slip close to an open chamber when removing or replacing a cover could have severe consequences. A Manhole Buddy eliminates all of these risks.

A Manhole Buddy comprises two elements, a Lifting Trolley and a Cover Attachment. Raising the cover is achieved by pushing downwards on the trolley handle, thereby removing the risk of lifting and twisting injuries. The operator stays a safe distance from the cover and the open chamber, very relevant for lone person working. Most frequently, the effort required to unseat or ‘un-stick’ a cover is greater than that required to lift and move it – the Manhole Buddy Lifting Trolley has a High Leverage unseating facility which negates the need for pry bars, large hammers and excessive force!

The Manhole Buddy range is detailed extensively on the company website with product data, pricing, pictures and video. The following summary has hyperlinks that permit you to find more detail on the feature described. You can also click here to access the homepage for the Manhole Buddy range.

Manhole Buddy provides four alternative solutions for single person cover lifting, all interchangeable on the same lifting trolley. Lifting Trolleys are available in Steel or Aluminium, are hand-portable and can be unfolded and deployed in a matter of seconds.

  • MagTec is the original magnetic lifting configuration that launched the range in 2007 and provides the fastest means of lifting metallic drain covers. Magnetic attachment has proven to be fast, secure and applicable to the majority of drainage covers (including split combinations) - considerable time is saved by not having to clean the keyholes and attach lifting keys.

  • KeyTec uses the traditional load spreader bar and lifting keys arrangement but with added features that greatly improve its range of uses. It will most commonly be used on non-metallic covers or large split combinations – it is highly effective on  paved and indoor covers.

  • ChainTec is an adjustable chain accessory that attaches to a range of drainage hardware through a universal hook on each of its four chain ‘legs’. ChainTec will connect directly to many pavement covers and has been used to unseat sub-surface gratings.

  • VacTec is a manually energised vacuum lifting attachment, typically used on smooth non-metallic surfaces, where key slots are either absent or damaged. Typical applications include lifting, carrying and placing concrete-topped covers, paving slabs or heavy tiling sets. 

Pricing for all elements of the range and an indication of commonly purchased combinations can be found on the Manhole Buddy Buy On-line webpage. Other resources on the website include a Photo Gallery showing real-life applications and a Video Gallery.

For further product or application information, email enquiries@sunrisetools.co.uk or call 01794 830 841

Manhole Buddy MagTec with folded alloy trolley

Manhole Buddy MagTec with folded alloy trolley

Manhole Buddy KeyTec with the heavy duty steel trolley

Manhole Buddy KeyTec with the heavy duty steel trolley

Manhole Buddy ChainTec with the heavy duty steel trolley

Manhole Buddy ChainTec with the heavy duty steel trolley

Manhole Buddy VacTec lifting concrete-topped cover

Manhole Buddy VacTec lifting concrete-topped cover

Manhole Buddy KeyTec lifting 125 kg granite-inlaid cover

Manhole Buddy KeyTec lifting 125 kg granite-inlaid cover

Manhole Buddy MagTec lifting twist-lock cover

Manhole Buddy MagTec lifting twist-lock cover

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