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Manhole Buddy Best of Both Manhole Cover Lifting Set


Wide wheels now standard fitment on all lifting trolleys

Dual function manhole and drain cover lifting system for single person or lone worker use on metallic, non-metallic and split covers, available to buy online. The package contains both the magnetic and key-attached Manhole Buddy cover attachments plus a Steel lifting trolley, certified for total loads not exceeding 150 kg. More details and video summary below ...

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Manhole Buddy – safe, quick, easy cover lifting

Filmed 2016 – in 90 seconds, covers the key aspects of the Manhole Buddy lifting system with the two most popular lifting methods

Alternative methods of lifting a split 85 kg Ductile Iron Cover

Contrasting the use of the Manhole Buddy MagTec and KeyTec options for lifting a split manhole cover. The magnet being used has a strain gauge within the lifting bracket (hence the unattached cable) used for weighing covers, measuring break-out forces etc. This element is NOT available for purchase.

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