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Manhole Buddy KeyTec Universal Manhole Cover Lifting Set


Wide wheels now standard fitment on all lifting trolleys

Manhole Buddy KeyTec, key-attached drain cover lifting system, for metallic and non-metallic covers, available to buy online. Supplied with a heavy duty steel lifting trolley, having an in-built cover unseating facility. Will service all cover types with common key slots or indoor covers with threaded inserts. Ideal for lone worker use. Video and more details below ...

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Manhole Buddy – safe, quick, easy cover lifting

Filmed 2016 – in 90 seconds, covers the key aspects of the Manhole Buddy lifting system with the two most popular lifting methods

The Original Manhole Buddy KeyTec

Describing the Manhole Buddy KeyTec (original non-folding version) shortly after launch in 2010, with brief references to MagTec and ChainTec alternatives. The KeyTec lifting concept has remained largely unchanged to this day (early 2022); small enhancements have been made to the Lifting Keys and the subsequent Folding Spreader Bar stores more compactly, also has an XL version (with wider key spacing) and allows us to create even larger span custom variants (to Special Order)

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