Hurricane Grinding & Sanding Cowl


Hurricane dust-free grinding & sanding cowl for selected 115mm & 125mm angle grinders. See complete list of compatible grinders in 'Which Grinders Will Fit?' tab.

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Hurricane is designed to fit select angle grinders from Bosch, Hitachi and Makita. For complete compatibility, see the Which Grinders Will Fit? tab.

Hurricane benefits from a universal clamp, mounted on top of a flexible coupling between it and the frinder which allows the cowl to move smoothly across uneven surfaces. Its replaceable 'flexi-seal' brush provides a strong seal within the cowl, ensuring good, physical dust control and the best use of available vacuum power. Hurricane's simple, flexible hose adapter guarantees that it will fit to a wide range of vacuum hose nozzles.

The leading edge of the guard can be quickly unclipped to allow the abrasive grinding disk to get up close to a wall or upright edge, meaning no part of the surface will be left unground.

Grinder Brand Model
Bosch GWS Models: 7-115, 7-115E, 8-115, 8-125, 10-125, 11-125CI/CIE, 14-125CI/CIE/CIT/Inox, 15-125CIH/CIEH/CITH
De Walt D Series: 28113, 28113K, 28117, 28135K, 28065, 28134, DWE4050
Flex L3309/125, L3309FR, L3309FRG, L3410FR, L3410VR
Hitachi G12 Models: SN, SQ, VA, SS, SA3, SR3
G13 Models: SN, SQ, YF, VA, SS, SB3, SR3
Makita 9564CV/H/PZ & 9565CV/H/PZ
NB Models: 9553, 9554, 9555, 9557, 9558
GA Models: 4530, 4530KD, 4534, 5034
Metabo 8-125W, 8-125WP
11-125 Models: W, WA, WB, WBA, WE, WP, WPA
14-125 Models: WE, WE/VS, WEA, WEBA, WEP, WEPA, WEPBA
Milwaukee AG12-125X, AGV12-125X, AGV12-125XPD, AGV15-125XC, AGV15-125XE

If your grinder is not listed but you think it might be compatible, please call us on: 01794 830 841 and we will do our best to advise you.