Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner


Tuff Key 4-pin flange nut spanner available to buy online. Provides more secure connection and reach than standard issue flat angle grinder spanners. Ideal for securing depressed centre diamond cup disks and for use with C-Tec Cutting and G-Tec Grinding cowls. Suitable for use with standard angle grinder flange nuts as well as custom flange nut sets provided with Sunrise Tools products.

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The standard flange spanners supplied by most manufacturers are of flat construction and usually feature only two locating pegs. These generally offer very little security and are usually unable to reach into the dishes on recessed disks. The 4-pin Tuff Key flange spanner corrects all of these shortcomings and is a good insurance against damage to hands on the sharp edges and surfaces of grinding disks. Its unparallelled grip allows for greater torque when tightening and removing flange nuts. It speeds the process of removing or fitting the flange nut set on C-Tec dustless Cutting, Chasing and Raking cowls.