Quikpoint Pointing Attachment (No Drill) zoom_in
  • Quikpoint Pointing Attachment (No Drill)
  • Quikpoint Pointing attachment (no drill)
  • Quikpoint Pointing attachment (no drill)

Quikpoint PLUS - Mortar Pointing Attachment


Improved Quikpoint PLUS drill attachment (with Hardened Auger) for effortless brick and stone joint filling with self-mixed or bagged mortars, cement or lime. Fits wide range of drills. Faster and less physical than 'mastic' guns and does not clog. Supplied with spares kit and mortar scoop.  All consumables and spares stocked. Buy online here. Video and more details of PLUS upgrade below.

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Quikpoint PLUS Electric Mortar Pointing Gun

Drill-driven mortar pointing system for cement and lime mortars, self-mixed or pre-constituted. Thoroughly proven concept (original launched in 1991) with thousands shipped worldwide. Auger-feed minimises risk of clogging. Fits wide range of drills (mains or battery) and supplied with/without drill as preferred. Rarely fails to impress.

Which Quikpoint PLUS is right for you?

Launched in 1991, demand for this device is stronger than ever, testament to the ingenuity of the original design. For cement and lime mortars, self-gauged or pre-mixed. Used for brick and stonework renovation, brick slips and veneer stone in new modular building, decorative internal walls, laying mortar beds and much more ...

Quikpoint PLUS – how it works in less than a minute

See how the Quikpoint Plus mortar pointing system works. Explained with the aid of a working cutaway model, driven by a mains drill. Duration: 49 seconds

Quikpoint at 30

Quikpoint turned 30 in 2021! Join us as we look back to 1991 and see where the journey began...

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£299.30 incl. VAT