Floor Grinding Tools

Diamond Grinding is a widely used surface preparation technique, capable of producing the smooth, flat, ‘swirl free’ finishes required for the application of thin coatings and sealers. It is also used for basic surface leveling and abrading but material removal rates will be modest. Handheld diamond grinding systems are ideal for finishing small and inaccessible areas. Walk-behind diamond floor grinders are used to deliver higher productivity on larger areas and for the creation of flatter surfaces. Large diameter diamond floor grinders are used for
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Polycrystalline Grinding (PCD) Segments

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Grinding Segments

£79.00 excl. VAT £79.00 incl. VAT

PCD Diamond Segments are ideal for the removal of bituminous coatings, adhesive and latex. PCD segments have a scraping/cutting action that reduces the heat build-up and smearing experienced when trying to remove flexible coatings with a traditional diamond cutting segment. Available in ‘Grit’ and ‘Plate’ format, the latter being the most aggressive. Use with care - this type of segment will suffer accelerated wear if in prolonged contact with a concrete substrate.

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