Tiling Wash Bucket (Washboy)


24 litre Tiling Wash Bucket with triple roller set. Each roller has both left and right-hand spirals for maximum water clearance of the sponge. Includes metal separation grid and four castors, two with locking function. 

If you have not used one of these Washboys then you are wasting a lot of time whilst tiling. No more wringing out dirty sponges, getting wet and causing mess. 

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£ 24.18 (excl. VAT)£ 29.02 (inc. VAT)

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24 litre Tiling Wash Bucket. Plastic tub and rollers; metal separation grid. Four castors (two with brakes) supplied loose - push-fit into plastic bucket.

Length    50 cm
Width      27 cm
Depth      25 cm (of container)
Height     34 cm  (overall height with castors fitted)