ATR Tile Leveller & Spacer - Mini Trial Pack

New addition - Mini Trial Pack comprising all items in the ATR range, with usual choices of plate style, size and application. See More info below for full details. Then use drop-down selector to choose:

  • Surface - Universal (Wall and Floor) or Floor Only
  • Size - 2 or 3 mm grout width 

More details

£ 18.52 (excl. VAT)£ 22.22 (inc. VAT)

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ATR Mixed Packs usually contain Edge plates, Spindles and a Socket Bit, along with either Cross or 'T' plates. Spindles are re-usable so you generally need less spindles than plates. The make-up of this Mini Trial Pack is a little different in that we are providing a small quantity of all items, so you can experience the product at a minimal cost. 

The Mini Trial Pack contains:

  • 25 - Cross plate
  • 25 - 'T' plates
  • 15 - Edge plate 
  • 40 - Spindle
  • 1 - Socket Bit

There are two 'styles' of spacing plates, the first being Universal (suitable for both Walls and Floors) the second being only for floors. Floor only spacing plates have separating lugs arranged in an offset pattern, to permit movement in the joint. 

Cross and Edge plates are available in both Universal and Floor styles. 'T' plates are available only in the Universal style. 

ATR Spindles screw into the ATR Spacing Plates to align adjacent tiles. The spindle works with all plates on tiles from 6mm to 18mm. They can be fitted and removed by hand or with the ATR Socket Bit, taking care to use a low torque setting on the power tool.

The Spindle Socket Bit for power drills speeds up the process of fitting and removing ATR Levelling Spindles. To be used with a low torque setting.