NEW G-Tec Allfit Grinding System

Dust-free handheld grinding system featuring G-Tec Allfit Flip Front dust cowl and NEW EZe Grip top handle, fitted to a 230 mm Hitachi angle grinder, 110 or 240 volt

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What's included:

Hitachi angle grinder (See Assembled Grinders tab for comparison)

  • 180 mm G-Tec Allfit Flip-Front Grinding Cowl
  • 180 mm Turbo Grinding Disk - 23 segments of 10 mm height
  • EZe Grip top handle
  • Tuff Key Flange Nut Spanner

The Allfit Flip Front polyurethane grinding cowl has an integrated reinforcing band which improves rigidity and minimises wear rate. The hinged front section permits the grinding disk to work up to edges and upstands, with little loss of performance. G-Tec Allfits have a 50 mm dust outlet, aligned with the airstream generated by the rotating disk, thereby providing maximum dust extraction. The included Hitachi angle grinder is offered at different power/voltage ratings. The combination is supplied with a quality 180 mm turbo diamond 'cup' disk and the associated Tuff Key Flange Spanner, for safe disk removal and refitting.

Alternative disk formats, including the popular Flexipad flat sanding pad/disk can be fitted under the cowl although a spindle extender (Flexipad adapter) is likely to be required.

An SV50 dust extractor is suitable for use with a grinder fitted with a G-Tec Allfit and a diamond 'cup' disk 


Hitachi Model Voltage / Power / Load Speed
G23 SC3 110V / 2300W / 6600rpm
G23 SS 110V / 2000W / 6600rpm
G23 SS 240V / 2000W / 6600rpm

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