Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Grinding Segments

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SegmentGritBond StrengthComment
DSB 5-3 25 Soft Large grit with soft bond delivers aggressive performance and high productivity - well suited to hard floors and use on low-powered grinders.
DSB 7-4 30/40 Medium A highly versatile ‘general purpose’ diamond segment. Good for removing trowel marks and finish suitable for paint coatings. Best performance (longer life) on harder concrete.
DSB 7-5 80 Medium Productivity and wear characteristics similar to DSB 7-4 but finer grit means they are suitable for early stage floor polishing.
DSB 7-6 120 Medium Similar to DSB 7-5 but with still finer grit for next stage cutting/polishing. For polishing, it would be suggested to follow with 120 grit resin button or pad.
DSB 8-4 30/40 Hard Same grit size as DSB 7-4, but the harder bond makes them more suitable for softer or more abrasive concretes. This is a long-life segment, which means production rates will be lower in most circumstances.
DSB 9-4 30/40 Very hard Same grit size as the DSB 7-4 and DSB 8-4, but encased in our hardest bond material. Once again, this is a slow-wearing, long-life combination recommended for very abrasive and recently-laid concretes.
PCD is the recognised abbreviation for Polycrystalline Diamond. This diamond material has different characteristics to that used in the metal-bonded diamond products listed above. In particular, PCD plates are sharper and more durable.
PCD Grit High Hard Grit particles in this segments can be irregularly shaped, 5-8 mm across a face and presenting very sharp cutting edges, They are commonly used for removing thick or pliable coatings, including latex and glue residues.
PCD Plates - -

Unlike PCD Grit, where the diamond is embedded in a rectangular segment bock, PCD Plates usually comprise a single, large piece of the polycrystalline diamond adjacent to a strip of solid PCD material; both are fitted on the standard-style bolt, coatings and pliable materials.

PCD plates are directional, constructed to be used for either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation - use them in the wrong direction and they will be probably be destroyed in seconds. This warning is most applicable when using diamond grinders powered from a three-phase supply!