Floor Grinder Range (Walk-behind floor grinders)

Walk-behind machines, which harness their weight and power to use diamond abrasives productively. Smaller single-phase machines have a broader range of uses; larger, 3-phase, multi-head grinders are more targeted in their application. As always, please contact us if you need advice on the products.
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FTR410 Multi-Prep

FTR410 Multi-Prep

£1,170.00 excl. VAT £1,404.00 incl. VAT

Multi-purpose surface preparation, maintenance and cleaning machine. Single phase electrics. Low rotation speed. Best used with silicon carbide or tungsten ‘chip’ sanding disks. Sometimes used with bolt-on diamond segments for smoothing newly-laid screeds.

Alpha Concrete Floor Grinder with Drive Plate & Diamond Disk

Alpha Concrete Floor Grinder

£1,099.00 excl. VAT £1,318.80 incl. VAT

Highly portable single-head grinder, equipped with 2 HP electric motor and a 230 mm diamond carrier/drive plate. Suitable for use in confined spaces. Single-phase electrics, 110 V or 240 V. Used for general surface preparation and maintenance tasks.

FTR410 Drive Plate - Top

FTR410 Drive Plate

£78.00 excl. VAT £93.60 incl. VAT

430 mm diameter soft-surfaced drive plate. Bayonet fitting on underside for connection to machine drive coupling. For use with double-sided sanding and grinding pads.

FTR410 Dust Control Housing

FTR410 Dust Control Housing

£147.00 excl. VAT £176.40 incl. VAT

Brush-edged dust control shroud with dual extraction points, combined to present a single 38 mm outlet port for connection of vacuum source. This item fits loosely over the FTR floor assembly but will not detach when the machine is raised off the floor.

FTR410 Additional Weight

£79.00 excl. VAT £94.80 incl. VAT

Low-speed sander-polisher suitable for a wide range of cleaning, maintenance and surface preparation tasks. Package includes drive plate and dust control housing

Polycrystalline Grinding (PCD) Segments

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Grinding Segments

£79.00 excl. VAT £94.80 incl. VAT

PCD Diamond Segments are ideal for the removal of bituminous coatings, adhesive and latex. PCD segments have a scraping/cutting action that reduces the heat build-up and smearing experienced when trying to remove flexible coatings with a traditional diamond cutting segment. Available in ‘Grit’ and ‘Plate’ format, the latter being the most aggressive. Use with care - this type of segment will suffer accelerated wear if in prolonged contact with a concrete substrate.

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