Handheld Floor Grinders

Ready-to-work combinations of angle grinder (125mm, 180mm and 230mm) dust cowl, diamond disk and accessories.

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125mm G-Tec Grinding System

125 mm G-Tec Grinding System with disk

£246.36 excl. VAT £295.63 incl. VAT

125 mm Hitachi angle grinder (1040 watt - 110 or 240 volt) with G-Tec dust-free grinding and sanding cowl, turbo diamond grinding disk and service tools - buy online. G-Tec cowl comprises moulded polyurethane shroud (replaceable) and 38/50 mm hose connector. Configured for diamond cup disks. With our Flexipad Adapter, may be suitable for flat sanding disks and pads. More details below.

180 mm G-Tec Grinding System with EZe Grip and Disk

£240.74 excl. VAT £288.89 incl. VAT

We are fitting a revised format (black) disk. See More Info below. 

Hikoki (formerly Hitachi) 230 mm grinder fitted with G-Tec dust-free grinding / sanding cowl, EZe Grip grinder control handle and and 180 mm turbo diamond grinding cup disk; Tuff Key flange spanner included. Grinder in 110 or 240 volt, 2000 or 2400 watt. G-Tec cowl accepts 38 and 50 mm extractor hose; polyurethane shroud can be replaced when worn. With our Flexipad Adapter, suitable for flat sanding disks. More details below.

G-Tec Allfit Flip Front Grinding System with EZe Grip

£278.77 excl. VAT £334.52 incl. VAT

Due to temporary manufacturing issues, fitting a revised format (black) disk from same European Manufacturer in place of previous red-coloured item. Still has 24 segments, now 7 mm tall.

Dust-free handheld grinding system featuring G-Tec Allfit Flip Front dust cowl and NEW EZe Grip top handle, fitted to a 230 mm Hitachi angle grinder, 110 or 240 volt

EZe Grip Angle Grinder Handle

£9.89 excl. VAT £11.87 incl. VAT

EZe Grip is an improved Angle Grinder control handle for selected 230 mm (9 inch) angle grinders. It is particularly suited to grinding and sanding applications, allowing the user to exert greater pressure on the grinder head without the risk of reducing airflow to the motor. It is known to fit most versions of Hikoki (formerly Hitachi), Makita and Bosch 230 mm angle grinders; other makes and models would be subject to our approval.

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