Core EZe Diamond Drilling System


Unique on-axis core drilling system with guaranteed core retention for holes from 75 to 200 mm (3" to 8") up to 300 mm (12") deep. System secured by a SINGLE anchor drilled into the CENTRE of the cored area, sparing the surrounding areas of damage. Uses widely available Golz 3 bolt pattern core bits. Permits horizontal, vertical and angled drilling in situations inaccessible to traditional pillar rigs.

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Core Eze On-axis Core Drilling System

Patented system for core drilling up to 250 mm diameter in reinforced concrete. Requires only a single central anchor point (within the waste area) to align and secure the system. Will drill in any position - horizontal, vertical or angled - hence ideal for confined space working. Safe and productive lone-worker system with potential to work entirely off-grid using cordless power sources.

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