Core EZe Diamond Core Drilling

Core EZe is an on-axis Core Drilling system for holes up to 250 mm diameter and depth. Well suited to confined space working it offers vertical horizontal or angled drilling, all with guaranteed core retention. Set-up is quick and easy with only a single anchor point required in the centre of the cored area, onto which the guide bar is secured. Fitting the remaining components need take no more than a couple of minutes, whereupon you’re ready to start drilling.

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Core EZe Diamond Drilling System

£2,629.76 excl. VAT £3,155.71 incl. VAT

Unique on-axis core drilling system with guaranteed core retention for holes from 75 to 200 mm (3" to 8") up to 300 mm (12") deep. System secured by a SINGLE anchor drilled into the CENTRE of the cored area, sparing the surrounding areas of damage. Uses widely available Golz 3 bolt pattern core bits. Permits horizontal, vertical and angled drilling in situations inaccessible to traditional pillar rigs.

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Core EZe Angle Drilling Support

£119.56 excl. VAT £143.47 incl. VAT

This accessories supports the Guide Bar at the chosen working angle. Please note it is not an angle drilling guide - the user drills and inserts the anchor in the concrete prior to the introduction of this device.

Core EZe Hex Drive Adapter

£190.93 excl. VAT £229.12 incl. VAT

The Hex Drive Adapter connects the power source to the core drill. It is secured to the core drill by 3 x low profile M10 socket screws. It is commonplace for an operator to have a Hex Drive pre-fitted to more than one core bit so that time can be saved when swapping to larger holes.

Core EZe Guide Bar

£128.73 excl. VAT £154.48 incl. VAT

The Core EZe guide bar is supplied as part of the Core EZe drilling system but also as a replacement or supplementary part.
The guide bar remains attached to the cored waste until removed by the operator; it is this through this element that core retention is achieved.

For fast drilling of multiple holes, it may be appropriate to have a colleague pre-drilling and fitting anchor points and using an additional guide post to have the location fully prepared for the arrival of the drilling system.

Core EZe Feed Tube

£341.06 excl. VAT £409.27 incl. VAT

Supplied as part of the drilling system, this item can be bought separately as a replacement part.
Its primary purpose is to advance the core drill into the workpiece, but it is also the means by which the guide bar is lubricated and the delivery of cooling and cleansing water to the diamond segments is achieved. It is also the mechanism used to retract the core drill when drilling is complete.

Core EZe Diamond Drill Bits - Imperial Sizes

£81.83 excl. VAT £98.20 incl. VAT

Original US Saws core bits in imperial (inch) sizes. Standard drilling depth 12 inch; six diameters in range 3” to 8”. Premium blade with segments matched to operating characteristics of Core EZe system.
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