Concrete Surface Preparation Tools

Our surface preparation equipment and consumables address the requirement for removing paints and coatings, along with the leveling, smoothing, and keying of concrete surfaces.

We provide a wide range of diamond grinding systems, in the form of 

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180mm G-Tec Grinding System

180 mm G-Tec Grinding System with disk

£249.23 excl. VAT £299.08 incl. VAT

Hitachi angle grinder fitted with G-Tec dust-free grinding and sanding cowl and 180 mm turbo diamond grinding cup disk; Tuff Key flange spanner included - buy online. Grinder in 110 or 240 volt, 2000 or 2300 watt. G-Tec cowl accepts 38 and 50 mm extractor hose; polyurethane shroud can be replaced when worn. With our Flexipad Adapter, suitable for flat sanding disks. More details below ...

Core EZe Guide Bar

£118.83 excl. VAT £142.60 incl. VAT

The Core EZe guide bar is supplied as part of the Core EZe drilling system but also as a replacement or supplementary part.
The guide bar remains attached to the cored waste until removed by the operator; it is this through this element that core retention is achieved.

For fast drilling of multiple holes, it may be appropriate to have a colleague pre-drilling and fitting anchor points and using an additional guide post to have the location fully prepared for the arrival of the drilling system.

SA-120-M14 Negative

SA-120-M14 Negative

£28.97 excl. VAT £34.76 incl. VAT

Tapered mixer drill paddle - 120 mm M14 threaded mixing paddle for low viscous materials e.g self-levelling renders

FTR410 Drive Plate - Top

FTR410 Drive Plate

£78.00 excl. VAT £93.60 incl. VAT

430 mm diameter soft-surfaced drive plate. Bayonet fitting on underside for connection to machine drive coupling. For use with double-sided sanding and grinding pads.

Core EZe Feed Tube

£314.82 excl. VAT £377.78 incl. VAT

Supplied as part of the drilling system, this item can be bought separately as a replacement part.
Its primary purpose is to advance the core drill into the workpiece, but it is also the means by which the guide bar is lubricated and the delivery of cooling and cleansing water to the diamond segments is achieved. It is also the mechanism used to retract the core drill when drilling is complete.

EZe Grip Angle Grinder Handle

£9.89 excl. VAT £11.87 incl. VAT

EZe Grip is an improved Angle Grinder control handle for selected 230 mm (9 inch) angle grinders. It is particularly suited to grinding and sanding applications, allowing the user to exert greater pressure on the grinder head without the risk of reducing airflow to the motor. It is known to fit most versions of Hikoki (formerly Hitachi), Makita and Bosch 230 mm angle grinders; other makes and models would be subject to our approval.

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FTR410 Dust Control Housing

FTR410 Dust Control Housing

£147.00 excl. VAT £176.40 incl. VAT

Brush-edged dust control shroud with dual extraction points, combined to present a single 38 mm outlet port for connection of vacuum source. This item fits loosely over the FTR floor assembly but will not detach when the machine is raised off the floor.

Core EZe Diamond Drill Bits - Imperial Sizes

£71.57 excl. VAT £85.88 incl. VAT

Original US Saws core bits in imperial (inch) sizes. Standard drilling depth 12 inch; six diameters in range 3” to 8”. Premium blade with segments matched to operating characteristics of Core EZe system.
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