Dust Buggy Floor and Joint Cleanout Saw


110 volt portable and adjustable, lightweight joint cleanout saw, for dust-free joint creation, clean-out and refacing

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The Dust Buggy is a lightweight, joint cleanout saw that is perfect for indoor joint work. This latest cast aluminum model comes with wider axles and the new polyurethane wheels which help the Dust Buggy track more accurately. It uses a powerful 110 volt DeWalt grinder (not the Metabo shown in the current images) with electrical controls extended to a switch box on the T-handle. Maximum cutting depth of 50 mm will be achieved using a 180 mm diameter blade. Operating depth can be selected and locked-in so that when the raise-lower handle is operated, the blade always returns to the same position, be it raised or lowered.

Dust Buggy is configured for up-cut blade rotation, to lift debris from the joint whilst achieving maximum dust control and debris collection. Blade diameters up to 180 mm can be accomodated, as can various profiles - square-edged, V-blades or toothed blades for removing flexible fillers.

Dust extractors from the SV50 range would be more than adequate for this application; the double-bagging capacity of the SV50P, along with it's pre-separator element and pull-along capability will make an ideal fit in many instances.