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Dragon Puffer Fog Fluid


3 ounce (approximately 90 ml) replacement Fog Fluid bottle. Used with the Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator, it will deliver a non-toxic smoke-like vapour, suitable for investigating airflows, draughts and air leakages. Buy online. More details below ...

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This is a non-toxic Fog Fluid, containing Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, and Distilled Water, for use in the Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator device. Content as measured by manufacturer is 3 US Ounces, approximately 90 millilitres (ml). Delivered with Filler Nozzle integral to bottle top (not with red sealing cap as shown in picture)

Dragon Puffer is designed to deliver a non-toxic fog or vapour to test for airflow, draughts and leakages in a wide range of situations. In use, the Fog Fluid condenses within the Dragon Puffer unit, so a high percentage can be recoved into the Fluid Bottle for re-use. The manufacturers suggest that up to fifty energy audits on a typical mid-sized residential property are possible from the original 3 ounce bottle. We will update this information as more evidence becomes available.