Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator


REVISED PACKAGING - Dragon Puffer is a safe and convenient method of producing a non-toxic smoke / fog / vapour stream which can be used to trace airflows, draughts and leakages. Fitted with the Pencil Stream Adapter, it delivers a narrow smoke 'stream'. Without the Adapter, it delivers a generous plume. Further details below ...

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Dragon Puffer is designed to deliver a non-toxic fog, smoke or vapour to test for airflow, draughts and leakages in a wide range of situations e.g. energy audits or ventilation hood testing. With the Pencil Stream Adapter fitted, it can produce a thin vapour trail that can be accurately directed; without the Adapter, it will deliver a generous vapour plume. The product will sometimes be called a smoke tester; the activity might also be known as smoke testing.

The Fog Fluid is non-toxic, containing Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, and Distilled Water

The Dragon Puffer Airflow Indicator Kit comprises the Dragon Puffer generator unit, the Pencil Stream Adapter with two cone caps, a 3 ounce (approximately 90 ml) bottle of the Fog Fluid, seven AA batteries, a Screwdriver, Operating Instructions and the US Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
Commencing mid-October 2018, the product will be delivered in a soft pouch, replacing the previously used larger plastic case

Additional/replacement Fog Fluid bottles can be found under the Accessories/Related tab on this page

In use, the Fog Fluid condenses within the unit, so a high percentage of it can be recoved into the Fluid Bottle for re-use. The manufacturers suggest that up to fifty energy audits on a typical mid-sized residential property are possible from the original 3 ounce bottle. We will update this information as more evidence becomes available.