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Manhole Buddy KeyTec Economy Manhole Cover Lifting Set


Wide wheels now standard fitment on all lifting trolleys

Manhole Buddy KeyTec, minimum specification drain cover lifting system. Suitable for all covers with regular key slots or threaded inserts. Ideal for lone worker use. 
Set comprises the Steel Lifting Trolley, the KeyTec Spreader Bar Kit with carry bag and one pair of Lifting Keys (35 mm T-blade) – use drop-down menu to select an alternative key type.

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Internal Cover Lifting with Manhole Buddy KeyTec

Short video showing removal of an internal drain cover, within the kitchen area of a well-known fast-food franchise. This cover had frustrated the drainage engineer for many hours before we arrived. The sequence (probably filmed circa 2010/11) features the original (non-folding) KeyTec Spreader Bar, long-since replaced with a compact folding version with wider span. The KeyTec Spreader bar is secured to the cover using standard M10 bolts which connect to the threaded lifting points within the cover. MOST IMPORTANTLY this demonstrates the power of the high leverage lifting facility to unseat the jammed cover and the ease with which you then progress to full removal

Manhole Buddy KeyTec on heavy “clover-leaf” cover

Filmed June 2010, Dublin City Council. Using the key-based Manhole Buddy lifting attachment (original non-folding version) to lift and replace a 120 kg+ cloverleaf drain cover. A comfortable lift for an average-build individual who during lifting/replacing stands almost two metres from the raised cover and open chamber

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