125 mm G-Tec Grinding Cowl

125 mm angle grinder dust control cowl for dust-free grinding and sanding - buy online. Comprises moulded polyurethane shroud with hose connector to accept 38 and 50 mm extractor hose. Configured with aluminium clamp which is machined to be a precise fit on selected 115 and 125 mm Hitachi, Makita and Bosch angle grinders - see compatability chart below. Suitable for use with diamond cup disks and when fitted with our Flexipad Adapter, may be suitable for flat sanding disks and pads. Polyurethane shroud can be replaced when worn so product can be rejuvenated indefinitely. More details below ...

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What's included?

  • 1x 125mm G-Tec Grinding & Sanding Cowl
  • 1x G-Tec Hose Cuff
  • 1x Custom Flange Nut Set
  • 1x Allen Key

G-Tec grinding cowls attach to angle grinders using an aluminium clamp, machined to be an exact fit for specific models. This is very important as the rubbing action of the polyurethane shroud on rough or uneven surfaces could easily unseat a poorly attached cowl. The moulded polyurethane shroud is flexible in construction, thereby accomodating reducing height of the grinding disk (through wear) and the uneven nature of many surfaces. Moreover, when the shroud has worn away, the aluminium clamping boss can be unscrewed and a replacement shroud can be fitted.

G-Tec cowls are supplied with custom flange nuts which position a standard format diamond grinding 'cup' disk optimally within the shroud. If using a flat format disk, often referred to as a Flexipad, you will require an adapter/extender. A suitable item is offered in the Accessories tab alongside.

All G-Tec cowls are supplied with a detachable polyurethane hose cuff. This cuff permits use of either 50mm or 38mm diameter vacuum hose. It ensures maximum vacuum effect is retained by sealing closely with the shroud. It also stops the hose end fraying or losing shape and permits its easy removal and replacement.

The G-Tec hose outlet is parallel to the grinding surface and in line with the natural draft created by the rotating disk, thereby maximising the dust extraction potential.

An SV50 dust extractor is suitable for use with a grinder fitted with a 125 mm G-Tec dust cowl and a diamond 'cup' disk

Grinder BrandModel
BoschGWS10-125, GWS11-125
Makita9554NB, 9558PB, 9562CVH, 9565H/CV/CVH, GA4530

If your grinder is not listed but you think it might be compatible, please call us on: 01794 830 841 and we will do our best to advise you.